Saturday, August 15, 2020


Friendship Circle: Beyond the Fringe

Friendship Circle (FC) offers access to those who may feel they are living on the fringes of the Jewish community due to the unique challenges of having a special needs child. A volunteer- based organization, FC aims to connect mainstream teens and children with special needs. Often, these children are unable to attend yeshiva day schools, leaving them socially


Rave Reviews of OHEL’s First Sibatone

Over the past few years, OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services have developed their incredible Sibshops program for children with siblings who have a developmental disability. OHEL does not only help the individuals with special needs, but focuses on the unique needs of their siblings as well.

Ever since the inception of OHEL’s Sibshops program, the


Five Jewish Federations Will Place Young Adults with Disabilities

(JNS.org) The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) and the Ruderman Family Foundation plan to place young adults with disabilities in internships and fellowships at five federations across the country and at JFNA’s Washington office through the new Ruderman Family Foundation Opportunity Initiative. The program’s one-year pilot begins this


Acceptance Does Not Have to Be Such a Challenge

The term “special needs” has become society’s way to describe a person/and or child who years ago was referred to as brain damaged, retarded, and challenged. We as parents of a very special needs child have never allowed any of these terms to bother us and had a hard time understanding others who made such a fuss about them.

In French the word


Education Technology: Fix Our Homes or Break Our Schools?

“If you want to guide your children away from the hypnotic and probably less-than-beneficial effects of the shoot-’em-down combat computer games so popular these days, look into some of the educational games that have recently become available. A number of these are quite good, and, perhaps surprisingly, they are capable of becoming, for many youngsters, as


Women and Tefillin Debate Front and Center

Teaneck—An article about two women who were given permission to wear tefillin at Riverdale’s SAR High School in an all-women’s prayer environment was published initially by The Buzz, a SAR student-run publication on December 8th. The subject was then picked up by a student newspaper at Shalhevet, a similarly styled high school in Los


Tomchei Shabbos Finds a New Home

Bergenfield—If you knew one of your neighbors didn’t have food for Shabbos, you would run out and buy them some, right? Most people would if they could. That’s exactly what Tomchei Shabbos of Bergen County has done every single week for the past 24 years. Completely independent of any other organization, the group’s locally-based volunteers


Sequins Not Optional

Teaneck—If Tinker Bell had grown up, married Peter Pan, moved to a New Jersey suburb, and created her own Neverland of a home, she might have been very similar to Tova Gold. A photograph of Gold on the cover of her enchanting, recently published Finding Your Muchness Funbook re-enforces that idea.

Wearing a green tulle dream dress belted in gold and


Spend Shabbos Afternoon with Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts by Azriela Jaffe is the story of how two imperfect people created a perfect union, though not perfectly and not alone. They face challenges of overcoming their past histories, helped by faith and friendships, while trying to carve out a life in the present. They contend with parents who won’t help and children who can’t.



Bnei Akiva Launches New Israel Program - Torah V’Avodah (TVA)

Bnei Akiva has run diverse gap-year programs for post-high school students all over the world for years; this year marks the launch of a new program for students looking for an alternative to traditional Yeshivot and Midrashot where students sit and learn all day.

The brand new program, Torah V’Avodah (TVA), has two distinct


Sinai Schools Dinner Celebrating “Lev” Year

Teaneck—There is a boy who calls his grandmother on his bus ride home each day from school, of course to tell her that he loves her, but also to tell her, with unabashed glee, what he had for lunch that day.

Until this fall, this child with special needs was in public school, before switching to Sinai Schools. “There can be so many barriers to


Home In Bergenfield, Via Austria & Switzerland

Bergenfield—Just over 75 years ago, an 8-year-old girl left her home in Salzburg, Austria and embarked on a 15-year odyssey that led her to Bergenfield, where she has made her home and helped build the Modern Orthodox community here for the past 60 years.

Today, Margaret Kohlhagen is a community treasure. She is a celebrated volunteer at Care One, as