Thursday, May 28, 2020


Letters to President Clinton

When Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of the Orthodox Union’s kosher division, was asked to introduce former President Bill Clinton at a presidential fundraiser in 1992, he was unaware his words would have a profound impact on then-Governor Clinton. Rabbi Genack’s speech became the foundation for an ongoing and somewhat unconventional relationship between rabbi


Local Students in National Pool for Scholarship Money

The PSAT’s are more than just practice, they’re also a chance to earn scholarships as some local students, National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists, well know.

About 1.5 million juniors from 22,000 high schools took the PSAT’s, but only 16,000 are designated semifinalists. From that pool, 1,300 students are selected each year to win scholarship


J-ADD Walk-a-Thon Brings Families Together

Englewood—In the afternoon, Robert Bressman, 56, sometimes takes a walk with his sister Beth, strolling in and out of the shops on Palisade Avenue in Englewood. Shopkeepers and customers alike greet him by name and stop to share a word. Later, Robert heads back home for coffee with friends in his living room. It seems as normal a life as any other, punctuated by


38th District

River Edge—The forum for the 38th LD was held at Temple Avodat Shalom in River Edge.  Moderated by Stanley Goodman, Chair of the Government Relations & Public Policy Committee of the JCRC, the panel featured opening and closing statements, with the six candidates addressimg Mr. Goodman’s six questions.  The panelists were Republicans Fernando Alonso for the


39th District

Six of the 39th legislative district candidates for state senate and general assembly spoke at the Bergen County Y-JCC in Washington Township on October 13. The district, which has voted Republican since 1982, includes portions of both Bergen and Passaic Counties.

Currently, the district is represented in the senate by Gerald Cardinale, who has held his


OU Legislative Breakfast Draws Leaders & Tackles Tuition Relief

Though it looked like a post-Shabbos shachrarit exodus with handbags, cell phones and cameras thrown into the mix, the nearly 600 people leaving Keter Torah on October 6 were all there for something else: the second annual N.J. Legislative Breakfast.

The breakfast, hosted by The Orthodox Union Advocacy Center, and co-sponsored by JLBC, featured local,


Yeshiva Hockey Season Preview: TABC Varsity

Coming off of a big championship victory versus MTA, the TABC Storm Varsity Hockey squad is looking to come back stronger than ever. In the playoffs last year, the TABC Storm gave up an almost unreal three goals in three games, blowing out every opponent they faced on its way to the championship. This run followed a first place conference finish in the regular season.


FBI Nabs “Agunah” Gang

(combined services)

New York—Two rabbis, one of them a rosh yeshiva in Monsey, and the other, from Brooklyn, an agunah advocate featured in the film, Unchained Women, were busted by an FBI sting when they hired thugs to beat up and torture what today is known as “recalcitrant” husbands. The two charged desperate agunot who could not get their gets between



NSA Gathering E-mail Address Books

Washington—Already under attack by freedom and privacy activists for collecting call record data without warrants and spying on Americans, a new report says the NSA is gathering e-mail and instant messaging address books from Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other providers around the globe. They say the “Analysis of that data


Fernando Alonso: The Everyman’s Candidate

After the candidates’ forum at Temple Avodat Shalom, JLBC had the opportunity to sit with Republican candidate for the State Senate, Mr. Fernando Alonso, and interview him.  A very pleasant man, he started speaking of his background.  He was born in the South Bronx to Cuban immigrants.  They moved to Washington Heights where he spent the next 16 years. 


Kosher Chicken Pros Fights Back

Albany, NY—It seems that almost overnight the healthfulness of the kosher chicken was brought into question. In fact, up until the day of the release of a new study which charged that kosher chicken had more antibiotic-resistant E. coli, most experts credited the kosher chicken for being healthier than non-kosher chicken, thanks to the salting and soaking


New Study Emphasizes Danger of Kosher Raw Chicken

Kosher chicken contains more than twice as many antibiotic resistant E-coli strains than both conventional and organically raised chickens, according to a study released by the University of Arizona in early October. Between April and June of 2012, researchers bought 213 raw chicken samples from 15 retail locations across New York City. They purchased four types of