Thursday, May 28, 2020


Prisoner Release: “Justice, Justice, Thou Shall Pursue”

On May 8, 2001, American-born Koby Mandell and his friend Yosef  Ishran skipped school. When the children didn’t return, their parents began to worry. The boys’ bodies were subsequently found brutally mangled in a cave outside their community of Tekoa, Israel.

At that point, I had been working on a piece of legislation to take the entire issue of Americans


Al-Jazeera America’s First Interview Features Anti-Israel Author Stephen Walt

(JNS.org)—The newly launched television news network Al-Jazeera America, which has stated that it aims to present more objective coverage than its Middle Eastern counterpart, featured noted anti-Israel author Stephen Walt as its first guest.

Walt, a professor of international affairs at Harvard University, gained notoriety for co-authoring the


Syria: A Look at the Options for Intervention

An excerpt from a comprehensive Stratfor Report on different possible U.S. strategies in Syria that can be found at www.stratfor.com. We have chosen the analyis of the limited punitive strike because this is the strategy President Barack Obama said he wants to pursue. Reprinted with permission www.stratfor.com, edited for brevity.

Limited Punitive


Is Hamas the Loser in Game of Middle East Upheaval?

In the shifting sands of the tumultuous Middle East, Hamas, the Palestinian terror group in control of the Gaza Strip, has found itself in an increasingly precarious position.

Feared for its massive arsenal of rockets and trained jihadis, the terror group is today also facing isolation and internal discord. With its Muslim Brotherhood allies on the run in


Weinberg: Forget About Vouchers Happening Anytime Soon

Teaneck—In a recent phone interview with State Senate Majority Whip Loretta Weinberg, the legislator said that no school voucher bills will be passing through the legislature down in Trenton next session. She did say, however, that the legislature trying to get funding for non-sectarian services in sectarian schools (including yeshivot and day schools),


Iran, Syria: Smuggling Weapons To Gain Influence In The West Bank (Republished with permission of Stratfor. Visit www.stratfor.com)

(www.Stratfor.com)—In the past several days, Jordanian authorities have reported two separate incidents in which groups of smugglers traveling from Syria have been caught with weapons and drugs in Jordan. A Jordanian security official speaking anonymously to local media said that five Syrian smugglers were caught the morning of Aug. 6 with anti-tank


Oh Camp HASC, Our Son’s Summer Home!

We know what people will think when they see this: “What a shameless plug for HASC!”

And they will be right.

But no one at HASC asked us to write it. This column is just one small way to say thank you and give back just a little of what we feel we oweHASC - because of what they did forus and our son, Zev, this summer.

A few days


New Assistant Principal at Moriah

Englewood—Over the past eight years the Moriah School has made great strides in fostering increased levels of social and ethical sensitivity among its students, using its Brit Midot, Covenant of Ethics, as the guideline for the school’s standards and expectations of menschlich behavior. As Moriah’s principal, Dr. Elliot Prager, told the JLBC,  “No


Force-Feeding Peace

Much to the chagrin of the international community, Middle East peace has remained elusive. Many well-respected diplomats have tried their hand at facilitating peace between Israel and the Palestinians, but none have succeeded.

Secretary of State John Kerry is the latest diplomatic official to take the plunge and attempt to tackle this


A Light Unto The Nations?

I need you to understand why I am writing this and why so many of my colleagues are feeling the same emotions.

“I am dizzy. I feel pained, depressed, reeling and distraught.” And those aren’t even my words—they are what a colleague wrote me soon after the news broke.

Willie Rapfogel was fired from his long time position as CEO of the


Poland Shechita Ban Update

Warsaw—The Jerusalem Post reports that Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski recently met with a group of European rabbis and told them that “the Polish government is determined to find a solution that would restore schechita in Poland  “despite a ban on such slaughter that came into effect in January.

The delegation from the


A Message To Our Community From Rabbis Adler and Krohn

In the last issue of JLBC, we interviewed Rabbi Michael Schudrich in Warsaw about the schechita ban in Poland. This is a complicated issue involving Muslims, Jews, Polish agribusiness and hundreds of millions of dollars a year. At this time, schechita has been stopped while the issue is on appeal to the constitutional tribunal in Poland, on the grounds of freedom