Monday, June 05, 2023


AMIT Children Recognizes Early 2023 Major Gifts

(Courtesy of AMIT) Not much is known to us about the life of Irene Morris, z”l. The quiet and unassuming Manhattan resident kept a low profile in regard to her charitable giving. However, she must have been deeply impressed with the work of AMIT as she left a substantial gift—her first major donation—to AMIT


Sheba Medical Center: 75 Years of Inspiring Innovation and Compassionate Care

(Courtesy of Sheba Medical Center) As the world faces unprecedented health challenges, Israel’s Sheba Medical Center stands out as a beacon of hope and healing. Founded in 1948 with the birth of the State of Israel, Sheba has been at the forefront of medical innovation, research and compassionate care for over


Efrat’s Dee Family Inspiring ‘Israelis by Choice’

Editor's Note: This article is the translated Shabbat drasha delivered by Efrat's Rabbi Rafi Kadosh a few days after the terror attack which took the lives of Maia, Rina and Lucy Dee.

God so strongly expresses his love of converts in the Torah because they chose, of free will, to become Jews—Jews by


IDF Strikes Hezbollah Targets in Syria

(JNS) The Israel Defense Forces struck assets belonging to Iranian terror proxy Hezbollah in southern Syria overnight Tuesday, April 18, according to foreign reports.

According to reports, the military fired artillery at targets in Quneitra in the Syrian-held part of the Golan Heights.


United Hatzalah Volunteer Saves Teen’s Life on Israel-NY Flight

(JNS) A United Hatzalah emergency service doctor on Tuesday, April 18 saved the life of a teen suffering from anaphylactic shock aboard an El Al flight from Israel to New York.

Dr. Natan Ungar came to the rescue of a


Netanyahu Calls for Unity In Fight Against Terror

(JNS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, April 19 participated in a cornerstone laying ceremony at Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem for a memorial hall honoring victims of terrorism.

“Even if


US House Speaker McCarthy To Lead 20 Congress Members to Israel

(JNS) U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) will lead a bipartisan congressional delegation to Israel later this month and become the second-ever House speaker to address the full Knesset, his Israeli counterpart Amir Ohana has announced.

Ohana described McCarthy as a “steadfast supporter and long


House Minority Leader Under Fire for ‘Vague Recollection’ Of Uncle’s Antisemitism

(JNS) House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) has said for years that he had only a “vague recollection” of controversy surrounding his uncle Leonard Jeffries, who lost his professorship for antisemitic remarks.

But a CNN report last week revealed that not only did the Bingham University Black


Yom Ha’atzmaut: The Jewish Spring

As we prepare to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Jewish independence, we are consumed by a swirl of confusing emotions. We continue to suffer internal strife, as our country is badly split over the future shape of our democracy. In the wake of social unrest, both our economy and our international standing have been destabilized.


Join Us for the Yom Ha’atzmaut Experience

We are so excited. Yom Ha’atzmaut is less than a week away (See ad on facing page).

Teaneck/Bergen County will do something dramatic and significant. Our pro-Israel community is going to take our celebration of Israel’s 75th birthday into the public square. Of course, a community like ours


Israel @ 75: Celebration and Exploration

This year marks 75 years since the founding of the modern state of Israel. Looking back, there is much to celebrate about the accomplishments of the Zionist movement and the tremendous growth and impact of the state of Israel. We’ve returned to the homeland of our ancestors, made the deserts bloom and built a thriving economy, and opened


The Vocational Advantage: How AMIT Is Helping Break the Poverty Cycle for At-Risk Youth in Israel

The first vocational school AMIT founded was Israel’s statehood; now, AMIT has become a major provider of vocational training, with ten vocational centers across Israel.

Most students were born and raised on the country’s social and economic margins and didn’t

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