Thursday, July 02, 2020


‘I Am a Palestinian Jew’

(Part II)

Last Friday night, Shabbos Chanukah, I found myself at a tish with my Vizhnitz friend, Moishe. Hundreds of chasidim lined the bleachers hopping like energizer bunnies in perfect synchronization; peyos swung wildly and only Yiddish could be heard. The shul served as a portal to a previous


Netanyahu Endorses ZOA Coalition (Slate #11) In American World Zionist Congress Election

(This article first appeared in DailyWire.com) American Jews are now embroiled in an important election battle over the U.S. seats at the World Zionist Congress (WZC) for the next five years. Record numbers of Jewish U.S. residents have been casting votes in this online election, which ends on March 11.


The Day to Day Life of Naale Students at Shaalvim

A trip to the Na’ale Elite Academy at the Shaalvim campus close to Modi’in is always worthwhile and interesting. Having the opportunity to spend some time with, and interview, highly intelligent Jewish teenagers from around the world and understand their stories is a rare privilege.


Shavei Israel and RCA to Open English-Language Conversion Institute in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem-based non-profit Shavei Israel, in partnership with the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), is opening a new English-language conversion institute in Jerusalem. The institute, named Machon Milton, will operate under the auspices of Israel’s chief rabbinate and prepare candidates for the conversion process.


Trump Touts Iran, Middle East Policy in State of the Union

(JNS) In the annual State of the Union address, U.S. President Donald Trump touted, albeit briefly, his policies on Iran and other areas of the Middle East.

Trump called out Tehran’s nuclear program and sponsorship of terrorism. He touted what the administration has called a “maximum pressure”


Kushner to Brief UN Leaders On Trump Peace Plan

(JNS) U.S. President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner will brief the U.N. Security Council regarding the Mideast peace plan presented by the Trump administration last week, a U.S. official said.

“Jared will


IDF Strikes Hamas Targets In Gaza After Three Rockets Fired Into Israel

(Israel Hayom via JNS) The Israeli military carried out airstrikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip this week after terrorists based in the coastal enclave fired three rockets at southern Israel.

According to Palestinian


PA Warns Hamas May Seize The Moment to Rise to Power

(TPS) Palestinian Authority (PA) officials are warning that the PA’s weakness and the estimated end of Mahmoud Abbas’ era are a good time for Hamas to rise, as Fatah is engaged in a survival battle and the leadership’s future depends on Abbas’s moves.

While the PA and Fatah understand that the


Trump Peace Plan Shatters Oslo

With the presentation of its peace plan, titled, “Peace to Prosperity: A vision to improve the lives of the Palestinian and Israeli people,” the United States has essentially shattered the once-holy Oslo paradigm, having learned from the peace process’s failures and establishes a new path forward to resolving the


Netanyahu to Bring Naama Issachar Home From Russia: Secures Pardon from Putin

(Combined sources) The Kremlin announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to pardon Naama Issachar, a U.S.-Israeli woman who was backpacking in Russia and then jailed for allegedly possessing a small amount of a recreational drug, RIA state news agency reported on Wednesday.


Kobe Bryant Remembered At Maccabi Tel Aviv Game

Israeli basketball fans chanted Kobe Bryant’s name during a Maccabi Tel Aviv home game on Sunday night, January 26, following the news that the NBA legend had died hours earlier in a helicopter crash in southern California.

Kobe, his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven


Hakarot Hatov: ‘Week of Thanksgiving’ to the Druze

The Druze and Jews relationship dates back to the time when Moses’ time in the Sinai when he met Jethro, the prophet, the father of Zipporah, Moses’ wife. Jethro guided Moses in how to organize the Jewish people. In Druze tradition Jethro is the father of the Druze people. This year, on March 15, Shabbat Parshat Yitro,