July 14, 2024
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July 14, 2024
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Your Jewish Heritage at Your Fingertips

Let My People Know™ — discover your story with the Steinsaltz Daily Study App and Portal.

Barak Fuchs, on right, learning in Gaza.

Throughout the millennia, Jewish learning has always been valued and encouraged. The Torah is our lifeline and our way of life. In recent decades, enormous strides have been made in expanding Jewish scholarship by trying to make learning more accessible, understood and convenient. The Steinsaltz Center, which produced the well-known elucidated and translated English Talmud, has made all Jewish texts accessible in the most convenient format, which allows learning at your own pace, in your own time and anywhere you want with its newly designed Daily Study App and Portal.

“Together, we are making significant strides in democratizing access to Jewish knowledge and empowering individuals to explore and engage with the rich traditions and teachings of our heritage,” said Rabbi Meni Even-Israel of the Steinsaltz Center.

Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, zt”l, although being a scion of the Slonimer rabbinic dynasty, did not receive a religious upbringing. His son, Rabbi Meni Even-Israel pointed out that Torah learning was nonetheless important to the family. Rabbi Steinsaltz became a ba’al teshuva in his teens, and not only became a great Torah scholar but a conduit for thousands of others to embrace Jewish practice as well.

Among his many pursuits, Rabbi Steinsaltz went to help Jews in the Soviet Union, becoming the spiritual mentor of Russian Jewry when Jews who were denied permission to emigrate to Israel suffered under Communist rule and were forced to learn Torah in secret. Later, he opened the first yeshiva in post-Communist Russia.

Rabbi Steinsaltz’s credo was, “Let My People Know.” His many commentaries and translations into English have made the treasury of the Jewish liturgy accessible to the modern era English speaker. He had a vision that every Jew, everywhere, would be able to learn about their heritage no matter how distant they seemed from it.

Rabbi Steinsaltz’s efforts for the yet unlearned or unaffiliated have had amazing benefits for all Jews, regardless of their level of observance, especially through his translation of the Talmud.

The Center has just gone further in bringing Rabbi Steinsaltz’s translations and elucidations on the ancient Jewish texts to everyone via the Steinsaltz Daily Study App and Portal, with many options to study from – Amud Yomi, Daily Humash, Daily Mishnah, among a wealth of Jewish sources. You can literally tap into his legacy and enhance your Torah learning by using this app to study whenever, wherever and however you want. Torah study has never been easier or more accessible. You can watch classes, bookmark your studies, and track your progress and achievements as well.

The Steinsaltz Daily Study App and Portal bring the profound insights of Torah study to your fingertips, translated and explained in clear, modern English. Whether someone is investigating these teachings for the first time or seeking a deeper understanding of foundational Jewish texts, the app is designed for learners at all levels, of all Jewish backgrounds or none at all. For those having only a few spare minutes to do some revision of a sugya, they literally have everything they need in their pocket.

With this new and unique app, Rabbi Steinsaltz’s vision to infuse Torah knowledge with heart and soul, and make it accessible to Jews worldwide is now being realized. The Steinsaltz Center’s commitment to advancing Jewish learning and making the rich heritage of the Jewish people universally available has now, with this app, put the entire spectrum of Jewish knowledge at our fingertips, giving everyone the opportunity to taste the sweetness of Torah, and to learn about our heritage in a comfortable, individualized and dynamic way. There are also colorful illustrations to further clarify the text.

In the 1700s the Chassidic movement made the Torah and its commentaries available to the average person and demonstrated that you needn’t be a scholar to claim your Jewish heritage. Today, in the 21st century, the Steinsaltz Center has made inroads in learning the Torah and its commentaries by enabling anyone with a digital device to explore, engage, and connect with the full spectrum of Jewish knowledge. It even makes learning b’chavruta easier; you can discreetly learn together on your commute.

In a show of solidarity and to advance educational empowerment during these trying times of war, and as a zechut for our IDF soldiers who are risking their lives each day, the Steinsaltz Center is offering the app for free. Tens of thousands of people have already signed up and begun their studies.

The Steinsaltz Daily Study App and Portal makes it possible to find time to learn even with today’s frenetic pace and the relentless demands on our time. It’s never been easier to set times and find time for Torah learning. The beautiful illustrations are unique in Torah learning books and platforms. The app keeps track of your progress, so you never forget where you are – or where you’re going in your personalized learning journey.

The launch of the Steinsaltz Daily Study App and Portal (available for both Android and Apple devices) marks a significant milestone in making Jewish knowledge universally available and accessible.

Anyone interested in using The Steinsaltz Daily Study App and Portal can tap into eternal inspiration today by going to https://steinsaltz-center.org/

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