Saturday, May 15, 2021

Do you ever get the feeling that there is just too much in your life? Whether it's too much clutter, too many commitments, too many complications or some combination of all of these things, you may have just taken a look around you and said, "enough”! Unfortunately, the very nature of a life that is a little too much also means that figuring out how to pare it all down can be a big challenge too. The key is to take it in little chunks.

Identify Your Priorities

This can turn into a whole side project on its own, but in the interest of your ultimate goal of simplifying, for now, try not to make this more complex than it already is. Choose a few items to prioritize as the point here is to drill down to your real values, not follow an arbitrary rule. Maybe you'll decide that what matters most to you is spending time with your kids and working with your local improv group, or maybe your top priorities are the weekly beach cleanup you do, staying on track with your career and saving for a house. 

Now you know where you really want to direct the bulk of your energy. For those that may not be at the top of your list but you still absolutely cannot drop, think in terms of being good enough for now. For example, most people can't just quit their jobs, but it could be a relief to stop angling for a promotion or even start transitioning into a lower-stress line of work.

Save On Your Monthly Expenses

Almost everyone's finances are more complicated than they need to be, and nearly everyone can benefit from saving on their monthly expenses. Saving money often happens naturally as you downsize your life. After all, simplifying your wardrobe means a big drop in your clothing expenses, and getting rid of stuff could even mean moving to a smaller, cheaper place. 

However, you may also want to take some deliberate steps to address your finances. You might have student loan debt you have been thinking about consolidating without really knowing what that would involve. You can check out a guide to answer your questions and help you better understand student loan consolidation and what you need to know. This can simplify your repayments and save you money.

Choose Quality

We live in a society that emphasizes getting things quickly, easily and cheaply. As you downsize and simplify, let quality over quantity be your guide. As a guiding principle, this can help you to want less simply because quality things and experiences are more satisfying and longer-lasting. 

When you pay a little more and opt for the higher-quality item of clothing, you'll get something that fits better and lasts longer and therefore doesn't need frequent replacement. Think about intangibles as well, such as the quality of your relationships. You are likely to get more out of nurturing one, two or a small circle of friends than trying to be everything to everybody.