February 24, 2024
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February 24, 2024
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The Debate on Border Protests

The letter to the editor by Yosef Blau regarding the prevention of humanitarian aid to Gaza (“The Complicated Border Protests,” February 15, 2024) left me

Torah Verses Apply Today

The following verses that we recite in the morning prayer (Hodu) can be easily applied to the current war in Israel. “… To you I

Agunot Should Not Be Punished

The current issue of Tradition Magazine has a wonderful article about the methods in Israel to deal with husbands who refuse to give a get.

RFK Jr. and Israel

Many of us saw the Super Bowl commercial promoting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for president. This was intended as a wake-up call, announcing that his

Then and Now

The headline to Rabbi Pittinksy’s article, “How a Gas Station Chat Taught me to Combat Antisemitism” (February 8, 2024), brought back a 50-year-old memory. Like

The Complicated Border Protests

The front-page picture of “Israelis Protesting at Border Crossing” in the February 8, 2024 issue, and the accompanying article praising the protest, gives the impression

Voting With a Heavy Heart

How can you vote Democrat? How can you vote Republican? These questions seem newly  perennial with the advent of democratic republics. Even Jews, we who

Tragedy on Palmer Avenue

As many of you know, our community suffered a terrible tragedy several weeks ago. On the morning of January 25, Dymond Fryson, a mother of

To the Staff at The Jewish Link

I was recently reminded of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein’s dissertation, which focused on American Jewry during WWII. His dissertation combed through many shul board meeting agendas

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