February 22, 2024
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February 22, 2024
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Divrei Torah

Building Builders

As soon as we read the opening lines of Terumah we begin the massive shift from the intense drama of the Exodus with its signs

Mordechai HaYehudi

Yehudi or Yemini? Mordechai enters the scene in Esther 2:5, where he is described as an “ish Yehudi” (a man from the tribe of Yehuda)

We Know That You Know

Hashem had humbled the mighty Egyptian empire, quieted the riotous ocean, and delivered His word atop a blazing mountain. He could have easily constructed a

The Power to Unify

In today’s horribly fractured political climate in both America and Israel, we need leadership that understands that there is nothing as divisive as winning. Every

Mishkan Versus Mikdash

Parshat Terumah As our parsha begins detailing the construction and the eventual function of the Mishkan; so too, does our haftarah, describing the construction and

The Location of the Courtyard Pillars

The courtyard of the Mishkan was 100 אמות long and 50 אמות wide (Shemos 27:18), with the perimeter (besides the entranceway) enclosed by קלעים (lace-like

Perfectly Imperfect

The previous Rebbe of Lubavitch, Reb Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn once delivered a mind-blowing maamar—complicated and profound, clarifying each person’s experience of that moment in history.

 The Fruits of Our Labor

In Parshat Terumah, Bnei Yisrael are told וְעָ֥שׂוּ לִ֖י מִקְדָּ֑שׁ וְשָֽׁכַנְתִּ֖י בְּתוֹכָֽם and “You will make Me (Hashem) a holy place and I (Hashem) will

Are Newly Ripe Avocados Muktzeh?

לעילוי נשמת יואל אפרים בן אברהם עוזיאל זלצמן ז”ל Question: Today, Friday, our avocados are not quite ready to eat. If they become ripe enough

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