December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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42% of the Israeli Public Thinks the Government is Corrupt

The Israel Democracy Institute published Israel’s 2014 democracy index last Sunday, focusing mainly on social-economic issues. Most who participated in the public-opinion survey care more about social-economic issues than diplomatic and security issues and a majority of the public do not trust the state authorities. The index, based on a public-opinion survey, shows that one-third of the participants’ family income is lower than average, and that one-fifth of those surveyed regard themselves as poor. The sense of poverty mostly stands out among the Arab-Israelis and Asian and African immigrants.

Over 42% of respondents answered that they believe Israel’s leadership is corrupt, and 31% answered they believe the government authorities are corrupt to some degree. Only 19% believe there is no corruption in the government.

When asked about their preferred method of dealing with social-economic problems, most participants answered they refuse to pay further taxes to make up for social gaps. Two-thirds answered the current situation calls for additional social justice protests, like the one in 2011. A majority of the participants hold the government responsible for the citizens’ quality of life and oppose a claim stating the poor are the ones responsible for their dire economic condition.

The survey further shows that a majority of the public, regardless of personal economic conditions, supports an economic approach of governmental interference in economic issues.

By Yael Klein/


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