June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Five community members share their top five winter break activities!

Name: Eitan Schneier

What are you up to in life? Analyst at Coach

Top 5 Activities:

#5: Ice Skating

Keep it local at the Hackensack Ice House or make it an outing and go outdoor skating at Bryant Park. Plus, you can enjoy the Bryant Park Winter Wonderland before/after.

#4: American Dream Mall

Tons of activities to choose from, ranging from very chill (mini golf) to very active (Activate). Alternatively, enjoy the sprawling mall by taking a stroll. And there are plenty of kosher food options available.

#3: Snow Tubing

If you didn’t make it down to Florida, might as well embrace the cold weather with a fun activity for all ages, followed by a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

#2: Archery/Axe Throwing

Always a fun challenge to play with family or friends, and you can make it as competitive as you want!

#1: Escape Room

Escape rooms are always great because each room is unique, so you never feel like you’re doing the same activity twice.


Name: Nechama Rubin

What are you up to in life? Works professionally as a medical animator/illustrator for medtech and pharma

Top 5 Activities:

#5: Ice House Ice Skating

As a huge winter sports girl, I am a fan of the Ice House skating arena. With over 4 huge ice rinks, they charge $25 for 5 hours of free skate, including rental and are open on legal holidays, such as Christmas and New Years. The rinks are so big even when they are crowded there is still enough room. It is a great place to get some practice in and chill.

#4: Roosevelt Tram at Sunset to Roosevelt Island

Taking the Roosevelt tram is a little-known NYC experience. This short trip is well worth it for the stunning views as you are lifted up over the water especially if you go around sunset. Once on the island you can enjoy a stroll and be sure to check out the FDR memorial, cat enclosure (reminiscent of Israel- someone is feeding the stray cats!), and the old smallpox hospital which is super creepy at night! A nice outing for half a day.

#3: Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

This nicely planned aquarium offers features not seen in any others including a massive tank where you can touch stingrays, sharks, and jellyfish, and a beautifully lit jellyfish display. The displays are cleverly created for example- in the prairie dog area they have little domes where kids can climb under and pop their heads up to get a close-up visit with the prairie dogs. There was also a general sea-themed playroom for kids at the end which is a nice treat for all the exhausted parents. I took my 3 yr old nephew and 1 yr old niece here and we all had a blast!

#2: Lambertville, NJ

One of the coolest towns in NJ it is my favorite place to stroll and discover new artists. Walking into any fine art gallery displaying well-known artists or simply rambling through various antique shops each visit is a treat and full of new discoveries! There is also a kosher chocolate and kitschy coffee shops available when you need to take a break. You can admire the historical Victorian architecture as you meander through this charming town or also visit the Howell living history farm that is right nearby.

#1: Morris County School of Glass Weekend Workshop

Ever been blown away by Netflix’s blow away reality glassblowing series? Well you can indulge in your newfound glassblowing passion right here in NJ. Morris County school of glass offers a variety of interesting workshops over the weekend that are totally worth the price. (In addition to a full glassblowing curriculum). They teach you the basics and you get to pick the colors and style and come home with your very own glass pieces! I made a stunning wine glass and drinking glass. They also have a beautiful gallery attached where you can browse the master’s work.


Name: Shimon Niren

What are you up to in life: Works as a CPA in Manhattan and lives with his wife, Mikayla, in the Teaneck apartments. Enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

Top 5 Activities:

#5: Take Care of Household Chores

My daily routine is rather regimented as a CPA. Those “busy season” hours seem to last the whole year. Winter break is a really good time to get some housekeeping items taken care of, such as: renewing your passport, getting your NJ Real ID Driver’s License, signing that insurance for you’ve been avoiding, and reviewing your personal investment accounts. Trust me, you will feel great knocking some of these things off your to-do list!

#4: Beis & Bike

I like making a morning seder for myself during vacation days at my local Beis medrash since I don’t have enough time during my average work week. Going on a bike ride afterwards is a great way to stretch, relax, and get fresh air.

#3: Humdingers in Paramus

This is a nice boutique arcade place, kinda like Dave & Buster’s. They have batting cages, mini bowling, arcade games, and more.

#2: Visit Pennsylvania

PA is great for a 2 day getaway. The State is filled with lots of little activities that can be pieced together to have a great time without breaking the bank. Some suggestions: Back to the Arcade (Allentown), Turkey Hill Experience (Lancaster), and the Lackawanna Coal Mine (Scranton).

#1: Spend a Day in Manhattan

Manhattan has many activities and is close by. Some of my favorite activities include: walking around Central Park, touring the Intrepid aircraft carrier, visiting the MET, and having a nice dinner to close the day. (PS, I take the bus right into Port Authority…it’s a good move)


Name: Sivan Greenspan

What are you up to in life: Stay At Home Mom

Top 5 Activities:

#5: Walking Across the George Washington Bridge

Walking is an easy activity for all ages and it’s more interesting when combined with beautiful sightseeing. It’s a nearby activity that costs nothing!

#4: Skiing and Snow Tubing at Campgaw Mountain

Skiing is a fun sport and Campgaw is convenient for my elementary-age daughter since it’s close by and is geared towards beginner-level skiers. Snow tubing is a good activity after hitting the slopes all day!

#3: Segway Tour of Central Park

Taking a tour of Central Park on a segway with my high schooler is the perfect combination of adventure and culture! Our guide was friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.

#2: NYC Pop-Ups (e.g., Harry Potter the Exhibition, Summit One Vanderbilt)

The interactive experiences are a great alternative for my middle schooler since he’s already done most of the activities my youngest does and isn’t old enough to do a lot of the things my oldest one wants to do. There is such a wide variety of exhibits so it’s easy to find at least one that he’s interested in seeing!

#1: Fire Pit with Hot Cocoa and S’mores

Sometimes the easiest and best vacations are at home. Sipping hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows, sitting around the backyard fire pit, is easy and our entire family including the dog loves it!


Name: Eli Ginsberg

What are you up to in life: Behavioral Therapist in a school

Top 5 Activities:

#5: Monster Mini Golf

I find Monster Mini Golf quite enjoyable. The setting with dim lighting and lively decorations makes it a superb place to spend some leisure time.

#4: Bowler City

It’s so fun to bowl. I always like to tell them I have a child with me so I can have the bumpers up. The alley’s vibrant atmosphere and the joy of knocking down those pins make every visit an absolute blast!

#3: Pottery Painting

Pottery painting is a relaxing activity to do when you need to be indoors. You get to paint items and then take them home whether it’s Pottery, Paint, and Love in Teaneck, or a little shop of crafts in the city, always a favorite activity.

#2: Paradox Museum

I recently went to the Paradox Museum a few weeks ago, and had a great time. The exhibits were really cool and really messed with your head.

#1: Escape the Room

I am a big fan of Escape the Rooms. They’re a really fun activity where you get to solve puzzles and look for clues. They involve a lot of teamwork and you need to work together to get out. Great bonding experience for the family!

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