June 13, 2024
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June 13, 2024
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A Magical Musical Miracle

Who among us hasn’t been ignited by the light of a special child? The sheer joy of their smiles, and the pure innocence radiating from their precious souls? It’s something magical. And Camp HASC brings that magic alive, every year.

Join us live on February 14 for the first-ever complimentary HASC concert! This action-packed livestream’s swiveling lights, rolling drums and sheer musical wonder will captivate and enthrall. The much-anticipated annual concert emerges under unique circumstances. But Camp HASC has never been fazed by adversity, rising to the occasion in an incredible way, against all odds.

In an exciting addition, this year, Camp HASC presents an all-new phenomenon: the Halftime Show at a Time for Music 34. This program, brought to you with impeccable choreography and meaningful lyrics, is designed to leave a powerful, emotional impression—while ensuring another magical summer for the grateful campers and families of Camp HASC.

Camp HASC is more than just camp. It’s respite. It’s rejuvenation. It’s paradise.

COVID has taken so much away from us. But camp must be camp, children must be children, and the show must go on.

Last year, Camp HASC had no choice but to close its gates every night and function under limited capacity as a day camp. That simply cannot happen again.

“In Camp HASC, I can do anything. I am talented and capable, and confident in my abilities. It’s a place where I can shine.” And shine he does. Yoel shows up with his designer swimsuit, swanky camping gear and the better part of his supermarket’s nosh aisle—plus two arms ready for a summer full of hugs.

“At Camp HASC, my camper is transformed. The love in Camp HASC is something magical. It’s why I continue to give my heart and soul every summer.” Chava knows the greatest secret all HASC counselors share: They gain more than they give at HASC. As they look into the shining eyes of their very special campers, they learn about what matters—and what doesn’t.

“Camp HASC saves my family. The respite we get come summertime is priceless. It’s what gets us through the year. And we are forever grateful.” Like every family that knows the sparkle—and the struggle—of raising a special soul, the Konigs’ heartfelt thanks speak of their yearlong dedication to Shmuli’s needs, and the vital importance of this yearly break.

The campers are waiting. The counselors are ready. The families are yearning.

Will we step up and make it happen?

Be a part of it at thisishasc.com!

There are songs to be sung, fun times to enjoy, smiles and laughter just waiting to burst forth. We must deliver another smashing summer to our grateful campers and families. We need your support. We are all Camp HASC, and this is our story.

This year’s performance is dedicated to all of us, to our courage and perseverance, to our unity and pride. We are brave, we are strong, we will do this together.

The HASC concert is one incredible show. But Camp HASC is truly The Show of Shows. A show that must go on.

And it will. With our full support.

Join us as we raise $3 million so that HASC can open its doors this summer, completely and safely.

Join the magic at www.thisishasc.com!

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