July 21, 2024
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July 21, 2024
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A Peek Into the Growing Community of Elizabeth

(Courtesy of Cong. Beis Hillel) One of the earliest skills we learn as kids is the skill of counting. Numbers, numbers, we’re always using numbers. Well, here is an article all about numbers.

There are hundreds of communities in New Jersey, but today we will zero in on one—Elizabeth. (Well, then again, the city lines are a bit blurred, so maybe we’re discussing two places—Elizabeth and Union…)

This community has been around for over 100 years.

There used to be one shul. Now there are many.

One shul’s name is Congregation Beis Hillel (formerly the Elmora Hills Minyan), and they have 1 new rabbi—Rabbi Shaya Winiarz. This shul also has one new rebbetzin—Rebbetzin Miera Winiarz.

The numbers are rolling out here:

The Rabbi’s family moved in one month ago. That’s 30 days ago.

Three new shiurim were established in short order—one in between Mincha and Maariv on miscellaneous topics, one shiur on Yoreh Deah after Maariv, and one Mishna Yomit shiur after Shacharis.

Four events were made for the community at large.

13 children came to the Jumbo Twister Event for kids.

25 men came to the Guy’s Night Out Event when they launched a Community Trivia Game Show.

35 teenagers came to the Friday Night Oneg. They ate a total of three cookies. (They’re all on diets…)

40 women created beautiful Rosh Hashanah platters at the Ladies Glasswork event with Rebbetzin Winiarz.

Four community members were taken out to coffee for personal one-on-one time with the rabbi.

Five people have joined the shul as new members.

Eight people have been hosted as guests at the rabbi and rebbetzin’s table.

Eight Shabbat drashos were delivered by Rabbi Winiarz.

15 Yoreh Deah shiurim were given, for 15 minutes each—a total thus far of 225 minutes.

Tens of halachic shailos were fielded.

Tens of hours were spent in personal counseling sessions—in person or on the phone.

Over 35 candies have been given out in shul to little children when they come for davening.

Hundreds of personal connections have been established.

Thousands of smiles have been shared.

Millions of good vibes have been generated!

Here’s one final number: Call Chany at 908-337-0860 to find out more about Elizabeth, New Jersey!

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