December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

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Acknowledging The Jewish Link’s Role in Morningstar Anti-Israel Bias Investigation

The Jewish Link played a vital role in helping to bring attention to the problems in the White & Case report and Morningstar’s continued bias. The articles Elizabeth Kratz carefully edited, published and provided easily accessible reprints of were brought to the attention of authorities in certain states and to the company itself (“A Smear by Any Name,” November 4, 2021; “Morningstar’s ‘Modified Limited Hangout,’” June 30, 2022).

This helped convince Morningstar to agree to negotiate with us. As one of three lead negotiators, I can attest that they came a long way from their starting positions and we have a real deal with real monitoring. (See page 20 for full details of the deal.)

I very much want to thank you and particularly Elizabeth for helping to at long last convince Morningstar to end treating that one Jewish nation more harshly than any other country in the world.

Your readers should be gratified, as should you, that Jewish journalism made a difference. Kol hakavod to you.

Scott Shay
Chairman and Co-Founder, Signature Bank
New York
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