April 16, 2024
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April 16, 2024
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An Open Letter to the Dean of Rutgers

As you may be aware, a violent, bloody and tragic attack on Israel has been unfolding over the past several days. This violence on the part of Hamas, a terrorist organization, has resulted in over 700 deaths, over 150 hostages taken into Gaza, and countless injuries. Rutgers University has one of the largest populations of Jewish students in the country who therefore have ties to Israel, whether it be their families, friends or other loved ones. The violence occurring in Israel has racked the Jewish community in the United States, including the community at Rutgers.

The organization Students for Justice in Palestine Rutgers NB has recently made a post advocating for support of the so-called freedom fighting of Hamas terrorists in Israel and have called this act of warfare and terrorism a “justified retaliation.” The vast majority of Jewish students on campus are extremely shocked and appalled at the sadistic attack on innocent civilians occurring in Israel. Condoning such acts of violence has no tie with the stance of views on this subject. It is rather a clear proponent of violence, one that should be condemned no matter whose side we stand on.

The sadism is inhuman—including desecration and mutilation of bodies, capturing children and elderly civilians, and going door to door slaughtering families in their homes. Being a bystander against such atrocities is bad enough itself, but allowing students to celebrate this on campus is immoral. To call this invasion “justified” while terrorists storm the homes of innocent civilians and terrorize Israelis and non-Israelis alike is a blatant disregard of the loss of human life, tragedy, and inhumane violence unfolding throughout this attack.

Rutgers has released statements regarding global conflicts in the past, and this should be no exception. I want to emphasize that this is not a political issue, it’s a human rights matter and Jewish students are terrified of another Holocaust after this massacre. I urge Rutgers to show support for their Jewish and Israeli students and make a statement as this violence unfolds and hateful rhetoric spreads to the United States. It is vital for Rutgers to make a statement to combat the dangerous implications that a statement such as SJP’s has on the Jewish community.

Justifying violence against Jews in Israel justifies violence against Jews here.

The Rutgers University Jewish Student Body

On behalf of:

Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway

Rutgers Campus Police

Governor Phil Murphy

Zionist Organization of America

FAOC (Fighting Antisemitism on Campus)

Rutgers Hillel

Rutgers Jewish Xperience

The Brothers of AEPI Rutgers

Rutgers Gift of Life


Rutgers Birthright


Jewish Allies and Queers

Hillel Pre Law Society



Shem Productions

Kol Halaya

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