June 16, 2024
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June 16, 2024
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Ariella Aaron

Ariella Aaron is an internationally published writer with a unique talent for writing stories that are entertaining and thought-provoking, with characters who are eminently relatable. A former resident of Northern New Jersey, Ariella has now transplanted her family to Israel, where she is happily living the dream of raising her brood in our homeland.

Articles by Ariella Aaron

Chapter 32

Chapter 31 Summary: Larry is taken to the hospital with chest pains, as a reaction to his conversation with Ari. Yaffa and Ilana are upset

Chapter 31

Chapter 30 summary: Yaffa and Shani discuss what family Chesed project they’d like to take on. Debbie warns that the resentment everyone is suppressing now

Chapter 30

Chapter 29 Summary: While packing Jake’s suitcase for Israel, Ari admits to Debbie that he’s jealous of Jake’s relationship with Shmuel. Ilana is horrified to

Chapter 29

Chapter 28 Summary: Yaffa brings Moriah to visit her grandparents. Moriah tells them about her mother’s dream to start a fertility organization, and is shocked

Chapter 28

By Ariella Aaron Chapter 27 Summary: Jake spends Shabbat in Lakewood, New Jersey where Shani and Moriah fill him in on their grandparents’ will. Moriah

Chapter 26

Chapter 25 summary: Larry tells Yaffa that as long as he’s alive, there’s no need for her to take over his finances. Debbie presses Ari

Chapter 25

Yaffa stood silently for several moments, her eyes lowered in the face of her father’s accusing glare. “Who’s – been – going – through –

Chapter 24

Chapter 23 summary: Ari’s and Yaffa’s families get together for a barbeque, where Ari’s taken aback to discover that Debbie and Yaffa have been plotting

Chapter 23

Chapter 22 Summary: Ari says no to his mother’s request to take her to the rehab center, and then feels guilty about it. Debbie asks

Chapter 22

Chapter 21 summary: Yaffa and Ilana both sort through their feelings of deep hurt and betrayal after learning about their parents’ will.   Ari saw

Chapter 21

Chapter 20 Summary: Yaffa and Debbie discover their parents’ will. They’re shocked to learn that their parents plan to bequeath their money to start a

Chapter 20

Chapter 19 Summary: Debbie and Yaffa experience a slight thaw in their relationship as they decide together to search for the Taubmans’ will.   Yaffa