September 23, 2023
September 23, 2023

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Aviva Edelstein

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Open Minds to Open Houses

It is the season for open houses and consideration for new schools. Whether looking to start at the entry-level grade or to transfer midway, there

Living Time

I was once privy to a conversation about time that left a lasting impression on me. At a downtime moment, one friend asked another about

Summer Learning

Some of my kids and their friends have recently gone into business. It began with an idea, which evolved into a plan, and with a

Bridging the Distance

Home-school partnership has taken on new meaning during this past month of distance learning, sometimes feeling like a crossover between the two previously more distinct

Homeschool vs. School at Home

I always wanted to homeschool. When my oldest child was born, I was determined to do just that. Although I was working as a middle