December 4, 2023
December 4, 2023

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Ben Rothke

Ben Rothke lives in New Jersey and works in the information security field. He reviews books on religion, technology and science. @benrothke

Articles by Ben Rothke

Some Recent Interesting Books

Reviewing: “The Great Z’manim Debate: The History, The Science, and The Lomdus” by Rabbi Ahron Notis. Mosaica Press. 2022. English. Hardcover. 188 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1957579122.

Understanding the Yom Kippur War

Reviewing: “Eighteen Days in October: The Yom Kippur War and How It Created the Modern Middle East” by Uri Kaufman. St. Martin’s Press. 2023. English.

Reimagining the Halachic Worldview

Reprinted with permission from The Jewish Press. Reviewing: “Halachic Worldviews: Directions from Jewish Law” by Rabbi Tzvi Goldstein. Mosaica Press. 2023. English. Hardcover. 285 pages.

The Five Best Books of 5783

The term People of the Book, which sounds much better in Hebrew, Am HaSefer, is indeed apt. Walk into any Jewish bookstore and new titles

Two Interesting New Books on Kohelet

Reviewing: “Ecclesiastes and the Search for Meaning” by Erica Brown. Maggid Books. 2023. English. Hardcover. 528 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1592646357. Every year, the book of Kohelet

Electric Shavers and Halachic Haircuts

Reviewing: “The Halachic Haircutting Handbook: A Breakthrough Exposure of an Obscure Mitzvah” by Rabbi Chaim Jachter and Binyamin Jachter. Independently published. 2021. Paperback. 118 pages.

Ruth Blau: A Life of Paradox and Purpose

Reviewing: “Ruth Blau: A Life of Paradox and Purpose (Perspectives on Israel Studies)” by Motti Inbari. Indiana University Press. 2023. English. Paperback. 278 pages. ISBN-13:

Bringing Rav Kook’s Secrets to Light

  Reviewing: “The Souls of the World of Chaos” by Abraham Isaac Hakohen Kook, author; Bezalel Naor, editor Kodesh Press. English. Paperback. 224 pages. ISBN-13:

New Insights Into Bamidbar

Reviewing: “The Koren Tanakh of the Land of Israel: Numbers” by Jonathan Sacks. Koren Publishers Jerusalem. 2023. English, Hebrew. Hardcover. 338 pages. ISBN-13: 978-9657766729. As

The Path to Tzniut

Reviewing: “Reclaiming Dignity, A Guide to Tzniut for Men and Women” by Bracha Poliakoff and Rabbi Anthony Manning. Mosaica Press. 2023. English. Hardcover. 680 pages.