October 3, 2023
October 3, 2023

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David S. Zinberg

Articles by David S. Zinberg

Mystery and Magic

Jewish biblical exegesis operates on multiple levels. Rashi, who nearly a millennium later remains the most influential exegete, employed two methods of interpretation: Peshat, which

Us and Us

Individuals who come together in a community maintain a shared identity. Communities, and social groups of all kinds, are defined by common behaviors, beliefs and

Exploring the Meaning of Naanuim

Naanuim—waving the four species on Sukkot—are an essential, if somewhat mysterious, part of the holiday. While the Torah commands “taking” the species—technically, merely lifting them

Ideas in Collision

Ideas are important. We value learning, scholarship, and a reasoned approach to life. Underlying these values is the pursuit of ideas — ideas about the