September 29, 2023
September 29, 2023

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Dr. Naphtali Hoff

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Indecisiveness Is All Around Us

Sarah had always been passionate about two things: writing and health care. She had a talent for crafting compelling stories but she also had a

How to Manage Your Business’ Biggest Asset

Businesses have many assets. These could be physical (buildings, inventory, computers), intellectual (trademarks and patents) or financial (cash and equivalents, marketable securities). But the greatest

Are Your Customers or Clients Toxic?

If you’re in business, you’ve likely encountered toxic people like these: The Unreasonable Demander: A small boutique clothing store had a customer who would come

When Not to Email

As head of school, I would have my assistant head of school read sensitive emails that I was planning on sending. As time went on,

Getting Off the Hedonic Treadmill

You keep doing more and earning more. Yet you’re not any happier than before. Ever wonder why? It’s probably because you’re on the hedonic treadmill.

Tips to Overcome Call Reluctance

I’m currently listening to Jia Jiang’s “Rejection Proof.” It’s a powerful story about how the author’s personal fear of rejection and desire to please others

Good, Bad or Maybe?

Ten years ago, I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Or so I thought at the time. I was still living in

Maintain High Energy Levels

In a previous series, I laid out a five step productivity process for leaders, which I then turned into a Productivity Blueprint (see my bio

Knock Out Those Two-Minute Tasks

In a previous series, I laid out a five-step productivity process for leaders, which I then turned into a productivity blueprint and subsequently into a