June 18, 2024
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June 18, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Estelle Glass

Articles by Estelle Glass

People of a Certain Age

A beautiful blue sky. Breezes wafting from across the water. Old friends laughing and reminiscing as we enjoyed lunch at the lakeside café. What could

Team Emunah on the Move

Marathon runners need to possess ability, perseverance, and the desire to succeed. It comes as no surprise, then, that this last January, motivated teenagers, six

Snow Job

Esther positively adored snow days. Whenever bad weather was predicted, she’d sleep fitfully, stumbling every few minutes to her daughter’s bedroom window that faced the

Yahrzeit Reflections

Just last week someone asked me if my personality was more like that of my mother or my father. My first thought was that I

Due Date

“You’re going on vacation?” I practically bolt out of my chair, at least as far as my swollen belly will allow me to move without

The Man on the M42

I heard him as soon as I climbed the steps and paid my fare. Actually, it was hard not to, as his booming voice filled

When the Ladies Cried

When I was growing up, my family’s Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur scenarios never varied. You would find us in the Litowisker Shul on the

Not Your Mother’s Glatt Express

Teaneck–What’s a nice, young, recent YU graduate doing greeting customers at the Glatt Express Supermarket on Queen Anne Road? A great deal it turns out.

Then and Now

July, 1972 Alan knew that he would have no trouble falling asleep even if his room were hot and airless and the squirrels were playing

Nobody’s Perfect

Esther held tightly to the overhead strap as the bus lurched and swayed through the city traffic. She felt the sweat trickle down her back

My Brother, My Friend

In commemoration of the 25th Yahrzeit of my beloved big brother, Seymour Brier The summer day that my big brother and I became friends began