December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

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Howie Beigelman

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A Biting Critique

It was just one day, tradition teaches, that  Noah was behind schedule. Yet, the next day, as he returns, seemingly on time once again, but

Emor 5775: Servant Leadership

The description of the daily Temple service tradition teaches that the kohen on duty in the morning would cleanse the oil cups for the menorah,

Timing Is Everything

The kohen, or priest, must examine a potential case of tzaras (what we wrongly translate as leprosy). Sometimes, the would-be metzora must wait days for

Tzav 5775: Every One a Winner

The instructions surrounding the sacrifices are detailed. What to bring, where to slaughter, how to prepare, and even the sequence of the service. But the

Tetzaveh/Zachor 5775

Maimonides codifies just six things Jews should try to remember constantly. One we focus on this week, Shabbos Zachor, as we are cajoled to always