December 4, 2023
December 4, 2023

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Joseph Rotenberg

Joseph Rotenberg, a frequent contributor to the Jewish Link, has resided in Teaneck for over 45 years with his wife Barbara. His first collection of short stories and essays entitled “Timeless Travels: Tales of Mystery, Intrigue, Humor and Enchantment” was published in 2018 by Gefen Books and is available online at He is currently working on a follow-up volume of stories and essays.

Articles by Joseph Rotenberg

It’s Greek to Me!

The historical clash between Greek culture and that of the Jews is an ancient one. It is not merely a clash of ideas, but at

Day 150 of the Pandemic

As the hours turned into days, and the days into weeks, and the weeks turned into months, Jake Rabinowitz marveled at the resiliency he saw

Miscellaneous Twains VI

After a long hiatus, I ran into Mark Twain recently who was eager to share some of his thoughts on recent current events. He began

Class Trip

Part 2 During the night, a frightful turn in the weather took place. Unexpectedly, 18 inches of wet snow fell and, along with high winds,