December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Larry Domnitch

Articles by Larry Domnitch

The Magic of Shavuot 1967

Over the last two millennia, Jews have vis­ited Jerusalem in honor of the festivals, in lieu of the Biblically ordained pilgrimages. On the holiday of

On This Date in 1881

One hundred and thirty three years ago, on March 1, 1881, an assassination of a Russian Czar had a most profound impact upon Russia and

Reaching the Summit

The beginning of chapter 24 of the book of Shemot describes Moshe’s ascent up Mount Sinai. “To Moshe, He said, ‘Go up to Hashem, you,

KI Tavo: Showing Appreciation

The recitation that accompanies the bringing of the first fruits (Bikkurim) in the times of the Temple, from the seven species of the Land of

Shabbat Nachamu in Jerusalem 1920

The Haftorah (prophetic portion) read on Shabbat Nachamu, which follows Tisha B’Av, expresses the message of comfort conveyed by the prophet Isaiah to a bereaved

The Twentieth of Sivan

The 20th of day of the month of Sivan (chof Sivan) has been designated by sages to be a day of fasting and commemoration of