December 2, 2023
December 2, 2023

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Larry Stiefel

Larry Stiefel is a pediatrician at Tenafly Pediatrics.

Articles by Larry Stiefel

Shelach: Grasshoppers

Bamidbar 13:1-33 “Do you believe in miracles?” That was the famous line from sportscaster Al Michaels on February 22, 1980, when the U.S. Olympic Hockey

Emor: Down for the Count

Vayikra: 24:15-16 April 9, Day of Omer 9 Dear Diary, Passover was great. Saw lots of family. Had two wicked Sedarim, although the second ran

Pesach: Bitter

There are various vegetables that Jews use for maror, the bitter herbs, at the Pesach Seder. Many use romaine lettuce, while some opt for the

Tzav: Burning With Bruce

Vayikra 6:4 The clock was ticking. “Dad, we’re almost out of time.” “I don’t care.” “This is serious.” “I know it is. It’s serious for

Purim: Queen for a Day

He loves the New York Giants. He sleeps in a Rangers jersey and plays ice hockey on Sunday nights with his buddies. Totally into classic

Tetzaveh: The Suit

Shemot 29:29-30 “There’s just no way.” “But it’s tradition.” “I don’t care. I just can’t do it.” “Your father would have wanted you to wear

Teruma: Doorknobs by Diane

Shemot: 25:33 It is said that the word Paramus means “land of the wild turkey” in the Lenape language of the Native Americans of Northern

Mishpatim: The Sweet Tooth

Shemot: 21:26-27 “I probably shouldn’t be talking to you without my lawyer present.” “Manny, we go back a long way. I think we can discuss

Bo: A Hardening of the Heart

The first time Danny Unger lent his car to his son Michael, it came back covered in potato chips. Not a few potato chips, mind