December 7, 2023
December 7, 2023

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Martin Polack

Martin Polack is a business analyst and has been involved in outreach and Jewish education for many years.

Articles by Martin Polack

Counting Money: Speed Davening

“When praying the morning prayer, Baruch She’Amar, one should recite the words slowly, carefully, with intense feeling and joy, as if one were counting money.”

Are We Holy?

How often have I heard that we Jews are no better than anyone else? How often have I heard that we are no different that

Thoughts About Death

A mourner who has buried a beloved wife, mother or father returns home from the graveyard where he has left part of himself, where he

Are You Sleeping?

“When a Jew prays the morning prayers and says, ‘Give thanks to God, call out His Name, make His deeds known among the nations,’ he

Did You Talk to God Today?

Did you talk to God today? No, I don’t mean did you daven, did you say your morning prayers. I mean, did you talk to

Shabbos: Not a Day of Rest

Another busy, stress-filled work week: work, school, children, laundry, cleaning, shopping, cooking. Thank goodness for Shabbos so we can finally rest. Shabbos should not be

Why Be Religious?

Two articles in your September 9 issue left me somewhat dissatisfied: “Why Some Choose to Be Religious and Others Do Not” by Rabbi Haim Jachter;