June 18, 2024
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June 18, 2024
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Moshe Taragin

Articles by Moshe Taragin

Escape From Shushan

Things in Shushan appeared to be humming along. Seventy years earlier, Yerushalayim fell to the invading Babylonian armies, and we scattered across the Middle East.

Four Testimonies

The mishkan was an ambitious project designed to craft a house of Hashem on Earth. The mishkan hosted daily korbanot, was the scene of national

A Four-Year Revolution

Four years ago, the world shifted. Beginning in March 2020, humanity suffered a worldwide pandemic which took close to 7 million lives. The Covid-19 outbreak

We Know That You Know

Hashem had humbled the mighty Egyptian empire, quieted the riotous ocean, and delivered His word atop a blazing mountain. He could have easily constructed a

Sacred Letters From Heaven

When people leave this world, we mourn their passing and grieve for the loss. When people die tragically and suddenly, we are left wondering how

A Start-Over Nation

We had been enslaved for the better part of two centuries by an oppressive nation ruled by an arrogant tyrant. To humble the Egyptians and

How Can Israel Preserve Unity?

Fearing entombment in Egypt, Ya’akov begs his son Yosef to bury him in Israel. He is so worried that he will become an Egyptian shrine

Chanukah, Hellenism and Hamas

Jewish history isn’t random. Selected to represent Hashem and inspire moral and religious spirit, our battles aren’t local and aren’t purely geopolitical. We stand against

The Long View of Jewish History

Legend has it that, 400 years ago, local native Americans relinquished ownership over the Island of “Manhattes” for the modern equivalent of about $1000. In

Pure Evil

Hashem gifted us with imagination. It allows us to reach beyond reality and envision “possibility.” Our imaginations conjure images which our optical eyes cannot observe.