December 7, 2023
December 7, 2023

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Moshe Taragin

Articles by Moshe Taragin

The Long View of Jewish History

Legend has it that, 400 years ago, local native Americans relinquished ownership over the Island of “Manhattes” for the modern equivalent of about $1000. In

Pure Evil

Hashem gifted us with imagination. It allows us to reach beyond reality and envision “possibility.” Our imaginations conjure images which our optical eyes cannot observe.

Was Avraham an ‘Influencer’?

to Avraham was selected by Hashem to transform a dark pagan world by educating them about a “one God.” For thousands of years, Hashem’s presence

Religious People Must Also Be Humanists

Sometimes, we confuse our terminology. The term “humanism” is often misunderstood and is often confused with related terms such as liberalism and individualism. Unfortunately, this

Bereishit, Darwin and Jewish Values

Scientific revolutions often lead to cultural upheaval. Our current information revolution has altered almost every aspect of human experience, and it will take decades to

A Snowy Day at the Laundromat

Evidently, religious crimes have a color! Encouraging us to penitence, Yeshayahu the prophet exhorts us to whiten our “red” sins: “If your sins are like

The Season of Doubt

The tochacha section of Parshat Ki Tavo depicts horrifying scenes of wretched human suffering. As divine retribution for our ongoing national infidelity, we plummet into