December 7, 2023
December 7, 2023

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Nina and Mordechai Glick

Articles by Nina and Mordechai Glick

Slicing the Cabbage

The other day, one of us was sitting in the kitchen while another was preparing cole slaw for Shabbos. Nina’s cole slaw recipe is renowned

The Story of a Real Blizzard

There was a great buzz in the neighborhood, and especially in the media, about the approaching snowstorm. But who really needed to close down two

What is Wrong With Us?

Recently we find ourselves discussing frequently the many notions and ideas that have been readily ac­cepted by the religious community that so many of us

Blue and White

In Quebec, the colors blue and white are significant. They are the colors of the flag representing the Province itself. Whenever we would pass a


For most people, when mentioning family traditions, the word customs frequently arises. For those of us from Canada, the word customs connotes something entirely different


The drive from Montreal to Teaneck takes approximately six hours. We did it all the time—often one of us made the drive alone, taking a