June 12, 2024
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June 12, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Nina Glick

Articles by Nina Glick

Do We Need Reminders?

Just four years ago our grandson Eyal Kinderlehrer celebrated his bar mitzvah with a minyan of 11 men in the family’s backyard. I don’t think

Personal Time in Shul

Every once in a while I meet people who kindly offer suggestions about topics that I should write about in this column. Several days ago,

KosherPalooza’s ‘Coolest’ Guy

In February, The Jewish Link introduced the community to one of its youngest entrepreneurs. Matan Moskowitz, a eighth-grade student who had created and opened his

The Beauty of BVAC

Our family has been on the receiving line of BVAC services. I know that we are not alone. At the time of a health emergency

Yom HaZikaron American-Style

I am writing this on what has been designated as Memorial Day. Today has been a typical day in most people’s lives. I was amazed

Malaga Sur Glace

As has been mentioned many times in the past, the Jewish consumer has become much more intrigued with the tastes of various types of wine.

What’s With All the Dips?

I can’t say that it began with our arrival in Montreal. Although we ate primarily at home for each Shabbat and chag, with tons of

‘A Tale of Two Cities’

Please forgive me, Charles Dickens, for borrowing the title of this article from your very famous book. However, the title seemed so appropriate. No, I