December 4, 2023
December 4, 2023

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Oren Oppenheim

Articles by Oren Oppenheim

The Underwater Tanach Verse?

I definitely expected, during my gap year in Israel, to study Jewish texts and to deepen my connection to Judaism while learning in yeshiva. I

The Caretaker at Har HaMenuchot

Before visiting Har HaMenuchot, I had never been to a cemetery that I would describe as beautiful. But there was a certain beauty to Har

Religion, Rationalism and Reason

I don’t often get into theological debates with other people—for instance, arguments about God’s existence, or the nature of God, or Judaism’s veracity. It’s not

The Dark Side of Emoji?

It’s hard to believe that an alphabet consisting entirely of pictures would ever be accepted into society, but the unthinkable has happened… in Ancient Egypt!

I’ve Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Years ago, my siblings and I caught (pun intended, since part of the game revolves around “catching them all”) Pokémon fever when my brother received

Casting the Vote

A few weeks ago, I voted in the New Jersey presidential primary. It was my first time ever voting, since I had turned 18, and

To Brexit and Beyond?

Back in the 1770s, Great Britain dominated the American conversation. After all, the colonies were trying to break free of their mother country and fight