July 13, 2024
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July 13, 2024
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Rabbi Binny Freedman

Articles by Rabbi Binny Freedman

Conflict Resolution

This week’s portion of Korach, contains a valuable lesson in overcoming and resolving conflict. Korach—a cousin of Moshe with leadership qualities—has a penchant for cynical

Where God Dwells

This week’s portion of Terumah introduces a new concept: a sanctuary, a tabernacle, designed to create a space for God in the world. But how

Chasing Peace Away

The beginning of Pinchas is a postscript to the end of last week’s Torah portion, Balak. Zimri, a prince of Israel, is cohabitating with a

Morality in War

This week’s portion, Vayishlach, contains a fascinating detail, hidden in the larger than life story of Ya’akov’s encounter with Eisav. The Torah tells us: “Vayira

Are You Really Impartial?

Can a person ever truly be impartial? Is it even possible to come to decisions without ulterior motives in life? The opening verse of Shoftim

Who Runs the World?

In Poland, we heard an incredible story of the Mozhitzer Rebbe’s student, R’ Azriel David Fastag, the composer of many magnificent famous melodies of the

Belonging to the Land

Parshat Chayei Sarah describes the first portion of land any Jew ever owned in Israel: Avraham’s purchase of the Machpeilah cave in Chevron as a

Where Am I?

“And the people saw that Moshe tarried in coming down from the mountain. And they gathered around Aaron and said to him: ‘Arise, and make

Unity Is a Double-Edged Sword

Late June 1976; passengers boarding Air France flight 139 discover it is now stopping in Athens en route to Paris. Some, like George and Rivka

Who Am I?

If LeBron James stops playing basketball, who is he? Is what I do really who I am? And if that’s all there is to it,