October 4, 2023
October 4, 2023

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Rabbi Mordechai Glick

Articles by Rabbi Mordechai Glick

‘Autism in Heels’ Is Dynamic

Reviewing: “Autism in Heels” by Jennifer Cook O’Toole. 2018. Skyhorse Publishers. Hardcover. 272 pages. English. ISBN-13: 978-1510732841 “Autism in Heels,” is about autism spectrum disorder

Good News

This past week, I had my regular six-month visit to my neurologist. I have been seeing her for about five years since shortly after we

A Never Ending Love Story

Two weeks ago, my wife, without telling me, wrote in The Link a beautiful love note in honor of our 50th wedding anniversary. I will

Tzedakah: From the Heart

It’s been a long time since we have been reminded that organ donations can save lives. We read about it, hear about it, and then

The Banality of Goodness

I was recently in a doctor’s office. He is a very kind doctor and Nina and I were surprised when he came into the examining

Do I Know You?

Have you ever had the experience of pass­ing by someone you know, or who walks by without acknowledging you? Or do you some­times feel that

Romancing Your Marriage

1) Arrange for a “date” with your spouse. Make all the arrangements before letting him/her know. 2) Get tickets for something your spouse would enjoy—for

An Empty Nest Is a Great Place!

A nest is thought of as a place, representing home, where the offspring, or children, grow with their parents watching over them and guiding them