March 4, 2024
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March 4, 2024
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Rabbi Moshe Hauer

Articles by Rabbi Moshe Hauer

Trust: The Bedrock of Faith

Trust is a critical component of any relationship. And it is essential to our faith in God. “Tamim tih’yeh im Hasem Elokecha, Have complete trust

The True Reward

Years ago, I would spend 10 days each summer at a program known as “Sinai Retreats,” spending a nice chunk of each day teaching Torah

Becoming a Great Nation

The first promise given to Avraham (Bereishit 12:2) was that he would be made into a goy gadol, “a great nation,” but it is only

Signs of the Times

All over modern Israel, one finds miklat signs, directing passers-by to the nearest bomb shelter. They serve as a painful and poignant reminder of the

Pinchas: Body and Soul

As Jews, we are used to fighting for both our physical and spiritual survival. Classic sources saw this duality in the two festivals of Purim

Three Lessons From Mei Meriva

By Rabbi Moshe Hauer There is an enormous amount of debate and commentary regarding the incident recorded in our parsha that resulted in Moshe and

Effect Real Change

In our parsha (8:6), Moshe is instructed to “take the Leviim (Levites)….” Rashi notes—as he does in several other places—that when the Torah speaks about

Not Just Praying for Peace

As Jews, we are often subject to attack and have had many seek to deny us the right and the ability to defend ourselves. We