June 15, 2024
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June 15, 2024
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Rabbi Zev Leff

Articles by Rabbi Zev Leff

Four Aspects of Thanksgiving

The korban todah, Thanksgiving offering, is basically a shelamim, a peace offering. But unlike any other shelamim it is brought with four different types of

 Emulating the Desert And Hashem

“And Hashem spoke to Moshe in the Sinai desert, ‘Anyone who does not make himself ownerless like the desert cannot acquire wisdom or Torah, and

The Jewish Home

“Not like Avraham who called the Beis Hamikdash ‘mountain,’ and not like Yitzchok who called it ‘field’ but rather like Ya’akov who called it ‘house’”

What Is a Blessing?

Parashat Re’eh opens with: “See I have put before you today a blessing and a curse.” The Sforno (Shemot 20:15) explains that wherever the Torah

The Nazir: A Holy Sinner

The nazir, one who vows not to drink wine, is elevated to a level of holiness similar to that of the Kohen Gadol. Like the

The Missing Moshe

“Now, if You would, please forgive their sin. If not, You can blot me out from the book that You have written.” (Shemot 32:32) Moshe’s

The Wagons of Assimilation

“…And he [Yaakov] saw the wagons that Yosef had sent to transport him, then the spirit of their father Yaakov was revived.” (Bereishit 45:27) From

Striving for Perfection

Throughout the Torah we find completion and wholeness taking precedence over quantity. Thus a whole roll takes precedence over a much larger portion of a