May 24, 2024
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May 24, 2024
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Sivan Rahav Meir

Articles by Sivan Rahav Meir

We Are One Family

“Have you heard of Moshe Ben Porat?” I receive many such inquiries, but this one startled me. “We are writing a Torah scroll in memory

The Power of Remembrance

Strengthening Others in a Big Way Eden is the sister of IDF Sergeant Roi Dawy, who fell in battle in Gaza. She made sure that

The Season of Pesach

Have You Heard About Birkat Ha’Ilanot? Have you heard about Birkat Ha’Ilanot, the bracha over trees? We recited it yesterday in Jerusalem and anyone can

Our Tefillot Make an Impact

Remember the Seventh Day Boaz Klein, a Chabad emissary in Bariloche, Argentina, wrote to me that while thousands of Israelis pass through their Chabad House

An Enduring Legacy

Lt. Com. Amishar Ben-David, HY”D fell in combat in Gaza. During the shiva, his family received a condolence visit from a unique visitor, Ido Yogev.

What’s Really Happening in Metula?

Metula, Israel’s northernmost city, which abuts the border with Lebanon, was desolate last Thursday morning, due to barrages of deadly rocket fire. Some might find

Spreading the Light

Translated by Yehoshua Siskin A Lesson Learned From US Students I’d like to share a few insights following a lecture that I delivered to a

Insights From a ‘Speaking Fast’

*Translated by Yehoshua Siskin I’m not usually one for joining initiatives, but this past Thursday was an exception. I encountered an incredibly heartfelt call from

It’s the Little Things

This week’s Torah portion, Tzetaveh, describes the Mishkan, which accompanied Bnei Yisrael in the desert. It describes the instructions for building the Mishkan down to