September 29, 2023
September 29, 2023

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I’m Not a Soldier

Editor’s Note: The Jewish Link wishes hatzlacha to Tzvi, our primary Israel correspondent for the last several years. As he continues on to the next

Who Is the Enemy?

Who is the enemy? These words, asked recently by the American-born leader of the Zehut party, Moshe Feiglin, are easy to articulate yet harder to

Being Tamim in Our Generation

Our sedra begins with a description of the “toldot” of Noach, who is described as an “ish tzadik, tamim haya bedorotav,” a righteous man who

Sukkot Site-Hopping in Jerusalem

Jerusalem—Sukkot, one of the three times of the year that the Jewish people are commanded by the Torah to travel to Jerusalem, retains this practice