June 16, 2024
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June 16, 2024
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Bal Harbour, Florida, Comes to Teaneck

Recently I was contacted by a client. “Leon, I own a very high-end property on the No. 1 street in Teaneck,” he said. “I feel that with stronger international exposure it would reach more people and get higher offers. I know that you have a reputation for dealing with high-end clients from all around the world. Can you help me get it sold?”

I asked: “Would you be willing to work with my local agent, Nechama Polak, the owner and broker of V&N Realty Group LLC, the No. 1 real estate office in Teaneck?” He agreed.

So what transpired is a great story.

First, because of this, I had the pleasure of speaking to and developing a wonderful working relationship with Nechama, who is at the top of her game. We had several conversations and I could see immediately that we were kindred spirits.

I flew up to Teaneck and over a three-day period took over 640 photos of this property located at 552 Winthrop Road. What an incredible house! 7,000 square feet of pure luxury—seven bedrooms, eight full and two half-bathrooms, heated swimming pool, jacuzzi and cabana.

I also put a topspin on some very interesting characteristics I felt would attract a certain kind of affluent client. You see, the owner of this property is an antique car enthusiast. He likes to restore vintage Mustang convertibles as a hobby. So I staged the driveway and garage with the Mustangs that the owner is so passionate about restoring, putting a special focus on the unique garage that he had modified for this purpose.

I then returned to Florida and edited the 600-plus photos into about 20 vignettes (small videos), along with my voice narration. People who know my work know that my visual tours are crafted as though I am walking the clients through the property—though we’re in the midst of a showing with me explaining what we’re looking at.

I’ve been sending out email campaigns for this property for the past two weeks and the response has been nothing short of spectacular. We’ve had over 500 people look at this visual tour so far.

I also created a second visual tour that was unbranded, meaning that it doesn’t have my name or phone number on it. Both Nechama and I are using the unbranded video to send out to other agents to provide them with the marketing material they can use to send to their personal clients without giving out our information.

More mazel was to come from my visit to Teaneck. I had the pleasure of meeting the co-founder, publisher and owner of The Jewish Link, Moshe Kinderlehrer. We have worked together for the last several years. I write a syndicated column for The Link occasionally called “South Florida Trends,” but I had never met him until this visit, and we really bonded.

The very next week I got a phone call from Israel from Ben Levene of CAPITIL,  who was given my name and contact information by Moshe. Ben was planning to have an event in Bal Harbour to talk about buying high-end real estate in Israel. Moshe told him that the person who knows everybody there is Leon Weinschneider. I don’t have to tell you how good that made me feel.

We scheduled the event here in Bal Harbour. Ben, who is one of the top real estate agents in Israel, came in with a multidisciplinary group of professionals to help prospective buyers navigate the world of high-end real estate in Israel, giving advice about what to look out for and what to avoid.

It boils down to something that I have always said: If one surrounds oneself with positive thinkers and maintains a good name, good things happen. It’s like the tagline of the old GE commercial: “We bring good things to light.”

But wait, there’s more.

This Shabbat I bumped into a client that I hadn’t spoken to in several years. He began by telling me how much he enjoys receiving my email campaigns with the incredible videos. He then told me: “Leon, I was very impressed with the video you created for the property in Teaneck, and then the incredible results you got on the ‘Bal Harbour Israel’ event. I have a property in Israel that I’m looking to sell. Can you help me?”

“If it’s a unique property, I’ll be able to help you,” I said. “Is your property unique?” It turns out his property is a $10 million house located on one of the most important streets in Jerusalem, just minutes from the Kotel. I told him that sounded pretty unique to me.

Please stay tuned for two articles that will be coming out shortly—“Israel Comes to Bal Harbour” and “Bal Harbour Comes to Israel.”

Just a word to my friends: If you would like to receive my email campaigns, send me an email or text with your name, cell phone number and email address and I will add you to my “Friends and Family” database.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing more wonderful memories and stories.

Leon Weinschneider is a licensed real estate broker with OptiMar International Realty in South Florida.

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