December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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BCHA Upper School Hosts Panel Discussion On Yom Kippur  

Students from Stamford’s Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of Connecticut’s gathered in the school’s beit midrash for a panel discussion about Yom Kippur. Faculty members honestly discussed how it is one of the more challenging days of the Jewish calendar for teenagers. The students benefited from hearing ideas from teachers with varied backgrounds and religious approaches. Topics discussed included how Yom Kippur can become more meaningful with time and effort, and how Yom Kippur can look and feel different at different points in one’s life. The panelists were Dr. Ariel Gershon, Stacey Palker, Ayelet Schlessinger, and Rabbis Josh Rosenfeld, Naftali Wolfe and Oran Zweiter. The program was organized by Rabbi Yair Daar, BCHA director of Student Life and Jewish Studies teacher.

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