December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

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Be the Host Avraham Would Be Proud Of

Dear Ariella B.,

I can’t stand my uncle. Recently, my uncle retired early and moved in with us. He took my room, forcing me to share with my rude, snoring little sister. My uncle makes little remarks at times. Like when my mom told me to do my homework, of course my uncle was listening in and replied, “Yeah, don’t procrastinate.” I feel like since it isn’t even my uncle’s house the least he can do is mind his own business.

Please help,

Outraged Oliva

Dear Outraged Oliva,

I know how it can feel to be annoyed by people you live with. In this case he’s not even your immediate family:) It’s hard when new people move in with you. It changes the dynamic you are used to. Sometimes doing something you’re not used to, though, is the right thing. Remember Avraham Avinu, he was always kind to his guests. Try to keep some space from your uncle and talk to him about his giving you space as well. I’m sure he loves you and isn’t trying to bother you. If he says something you don’t like, try to ignore it. Remember that in a few years you turn 18 and you can move out. Then you only have to see your uncle at family reunions!

Until next week,

Ariella B.

Ariella is an elementary student who wants to help you with your problems. She can be reached with your questions at [email protected].

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