June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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Behind the ‘Seams’ at Yad Leah: May 2024

(Courtesy of Yad Leah) Last month, Yad Leah welcomed many groups to the Volunteer Center for the hands-on Pack-for-Israel Experience. Check out the photos and learn firsthand about their visits!


BMOB Bat Mitzvah Program

“Packing clothing at Yad Leah was the perfect place to teach our bat mitzvah girls about taking action to do chesed. It also encouraged the girls to think outside of themselves and consider the needs of others. And we also had a blast folding and packing clothing together!”—Rebbetzin Michal Goldberg


BPY Eighth Grade

“Each year, the Poupko family sponsors a day of chesed for the entire Ben Porat Yosef yeshiva in honor of their beloved daughter Chana Poupko, a”h. This year, the eighth grade had the privilege of going to Yad Leah to help sort through clothing that would be donated to families in need in Israel. The eighth-grade students were profoundly moved by the mission of Yad Leah and jumped right into the work with eagerness and enthusiasm. Thank you, Yad Leah. for an amazing experience!”—Sarah Bartges


Congregation Israel of Springfield Yom Chesed

“It was truly inspiring learning about the wonderful chesed Yad Leah does, and our family really enjoyed being able to contribute by helping in their incredible facility organizing and packing up boxes of clothing to ship to Israel.”—Daniella Hoffer


Keter Torah

“Each time I visit Yad Leah, I am so impressed with Yad Leah and the work that they do. The volunteers loved taking a tour of the facility and doing their part in this amazing project to get the clothing to Israel and help the many communities there.”—Allison Adler


Kol Yeshurun Mothers and Daughters]

“Coming to Yad Leah and seeing in person the operation that they run was truly mind blowing. I did not realize the scope of the organization until now. This is a chesed we can all be a part of!”—Yocheved Lisker.


Ohr Yisroel

Volunteering at Yad Leah was a really valuable experience for all the boys. They got to see where their chesed goes. People think they drop off clothing by Yad Leah and it just appears in Eretz Yisrael, but there is so much behind it, and the boys thought it was really cool.”—Azzi Kimmel


Young Israel of Fair Lawn Mothers And Daughters


“Thank you Yad Leah for the wonderful experience! You helped us take the lesson of chesed and put it into action. Each girl saw how she can contribute and make a difference for klal Yisroel. It was so special and meaningful for the girls and their mothers to be involved in the wonders of Yad Leah.”—Rebbetzin Rebecca Belizon



“The girls had so much enthusiasm and wanted to do as much chesed at they could. Every time they finished they asked for more. They were singing as they worked.”—Elana Mandel.

To schedule a 90-minute Pack-for-Israel Experience for your shul/school/family at the Yad Leah Volunteer Center in Passaic, New Jersey, please reach out to [email protected].

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