April 20, 2024
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April 20, 2024
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Best Jewish Schools in New Jersey

As a Jewish parent, your child’s education remains a priority. It is a means to imbibe values into children from a young age and groom them to the right path. However, everything still depends on how observant a Jew you are. It will influence your decision in several ways. 

With the rise of many institutions in New Jersey claiming to offer Jewish education to students, choosing the right option could be hectic. We have prepared this review of the Jewish high schools in New Jersey based on recommendations from expert clerics and advisors who have studied their curricula. 

Steps to Choosing the Right Jewish Schools in New Jersey

Selecting the best Jewish New Jersey schools depends on different factors. Getting the right platform that imbibes the holy teachings as part of extracurricular activities is essential. While assignments are also important to help the students understand the curriculum, teaching the laws is great, too. Some scholars often get help online to assist them in the task, as they can get an expert to write my essay and meet the necessary marks. This allows them to concentrate more on the essential need to learn the holy ways and build on their faith. 

With several clerics from most Jewish towns in New Jersey lamenting the lesser numbers of observant Jews, getting the students young is great. Hence, they can easily combine school activities with other important aspects of growing as Jews. Let’s review some of the top Jewish New Jersey institutions to send your kids to. 

New Jersey Center for Judaic Stds

This institution is located at 801 Kennedy Blvd, Lakewood, NJ 08701. It is an all-boys school and ranks among the top 20% of Lakewood Jewish schools. The grades offered are between 8 and 12, with a tuition fee ranging between $15,250 and $20,182. It offers excellent music, arts, sports, and extracurricular activities on the Jewish laws. 

Oros Bais Yaakov

Oros Bais Yaakov is home to over 500 grades 9-12 students. It also remains one of the best student facilities for New Jersey jews as it is located at 1995 RUTGERS BLVD, Lakewood, NJ 08701. However, this is a girls-only school. It offers Jewish lessons as part of significant extracurricular activities. Other fun opportunities are music, sports, and excursions. 

Bais Shaindel High School for Girls

The Bais Shaindel High School for Girls remains one of the top Jewish Schools in Lakewood NJ, for female students. Like Oros Bais Yaakov, it offers grades 9-12. The average tuition is between $15,250 and $20,182, which ranks well among the area’s standard fees for private institutions. Students get an education in learning how to become upright Jewish females and how to combine it with the school curriculum. 

Bais Yaakov High School of Lakewood

Bais Yaakov High School of Lakewood also ranks among the top institutions with a high level of private Jewish schools in Lakewood, NJ. It is also an all-girls school with a unique dedication to the chinuch of each talmidah. 

Its academic curriculum focuses on developing critical-thinking girls of standards with good skills. It also teaches all areas of hanhaga, middos, and responsibility. The school is under the guidance of Harav Henoch Shachar Shlita, Harav Uri Deutsch Shlita, and Harav Moshe Zev Feldman Shlita. 

Bais Yaakov of Passaic High School for Girls

This private Jewish school in Passaic, NJ, caters to female grades 9-12 students. It has an extensive curriculum covering English, History, Computer Science, and foreign languages. Seniors also get to select from electives like: 

  • psychology; 
  • advanced biology;
  • accounting. 

The high school remains one of the best private institutions around Passaic, as it is a frequent popup in Jewish schools near me search results. Students often partake in co-curricular activities like the weekend learning retreat. According to the principal, Mrs. Amy Rothenberg, the plan is for each female to emerge as a confident young woman and take her rightful place in the world. 

The Frisch School

The Frisch School is a Modern Orthodox Jewish community of Bnot Torah and Bnei who share a passion for learning and growing together. Its core values revolve around inquiry, religious growth, passion, and developing meaningful relationships. Others are to promote the study of the Judaic Heritage as defined within the Written Law (Bible) and Oral Law (Talmud). 

Some of its extracurricular activities include Chagigot, community service, arts and culture, guidance, music, Shiriyah, student publications, politics, government, activism, etc. If you’re looking for a school that offers friendships with a deep dive into the Judaic Heritage for your kids, The Frisch School is a great recommendation. The United States remains one of the nations with the largest Jewish population, and getting education rights remains paramount. With this institution, students get the necessary connections to grow and become useful in society. 

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