December 8, 2023
December 8, 2023

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Bruriah Ninth Graders Talk Tznius

Several weeks ago, ninth grade Bruriah grade advisor Rena Teitelbaum was approached by a group of her students who were eager to deepen their understanding of tznius. “They know the “what” of tznius—the halachos and the rules. But they wanted a program to understand the ‘why.’” Teitelbaum happily obliged and planned a program that would inspire all of the students and create a positive association with the halachos of tznius.

Monday’s program began with a dynamic shiur by renowned mechaneches, Toba Shifrin who spoke about tznius reflecting what is within a person. She stressed that the midah of tznius extends far outside the confines of a person’s clothing to include one’s speech, actions and overall comportment. Shifrin’s message really resonated with the students and it was delivered with hilarious anecdotes that they really enjoyed.

Following the shiur, the students heard a panel discussion of five Bruriah faculty members who discussed various aspects of tznius. They shared their own connection to tznius, and they shared tips on keeping hilchos tznius while still maintaining one’s sense of personal style and expression. Freshman Tziporah Krimsky found the teacher panel particularly refreshing, “It’s so nice that our teachers are so relatable and inspiring, and they can have real conversations with us about tznius.” Freshman Shoshana Pinsker agreed, “The panel discussion was full of real life scenarios, giving real life examples and advice that applied to every single person in the room.” Principal Dr. Bethany Strulowitz shared that this program highlighted the very best of a Bruriah education in empowering the students to own their learning, looking to their incredible teachers for guidance and insight, and ultimately inspiring them to grow in their avodas Hashem.

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