Saturday, January 28, 2023

Luxurious eyelashes can make a woman feel glamorous and confident. Perhaps you’ve had them for a special occasion, like a wedding. You see the pictures and you think, wouldn’t it be great to look like that every day? That’s the concept behind Amazing Lash Studios in Englewood; it’s a new, affordable way for women to have custom eyelashes not just for special occasions but all the time.

Amazing Lash studios, opening Thanksgiving weekend, brings the membership concept to eyelashes. For a monthly fee, members have their lashes refilled so they are always good to go and looking fabulous. To introduce Amazing Lash Studios, owners Keith and Kurtae Boyd and Warren and Bridgette Chambers are offering a discounted initial price of $89.99, with a $69.99 monthly fee. Members come to one of 12 private, well-equipped suites in the studio and get their lashes applied individually with a sterile, patented application process. Refills are recommended every two to three weeks to replace extensions that have shed and maintain your desired lash look. “For all working moms, especially mid-life professional women, this is a way to get up and out the door more quickly with less makeup and always look great,” Bridgette said. “Custom eyelashes also appeal to the younger millennials who are always on the go.” The studio is already booking girls’ night out events. Get 12 friends together, bring in food and beverages, and leave looking great and feeling great!

Three of the partners, Keith and Kurtae Boyd and Warren Chambers, come from the pharmaceutical industry, and Bridgette Chambers is an engineer, with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. But they were looking for a new challenge. A friend who bought a successful Massage Envy franchise told them about the opportunity in Amazing Lash, and they jumped. “A franchise is a good way to be in business for yourself but not by yourself,” Kurtae said. “Amazing Lash has a great track record—160 stores with 28, including ours, opening this year. We receive optional support in all phases of the business including training, product knowledge and hiring. We hire licensed cosmetologists and estheticians who then receive an additional 30-40 hours of our patented application method. The partners are so confident in Amazing Lash, they are opening a second studio in Baltimore, which Warren and Bridgette Chambers will supervise.

The partners recently hosted their new staff, along with other Amazing Lash owners in New Jersey, at a reception to celebrate the completion of the studio. Special guests were one of the founders of Amazing Lash, Edward Le of Houston, Texas, and Dawn Weiss, chief marketing officer. Jessica Le began the business with a one-room studio and her husband expanded the concept to six stores in Houston. The business has grown to include franchises throughout the country.

While Kurtae, Warren and Bridgette have taken charge of putting together the concept, products and staff, Keith has supervised the planning and construction. Building is a family tradition, going back several generations. Keith builds furniture as a hobby. His father supervises buildings for a water company. His grandfather made wheels for wagons. But the tradition goes back even further. Keith recently found out that his great-great-grandfather, Henry Boyd, was a slave who became a master carpenter, bought his freedom and opened a factory to build beds with a new design he invented. The Boyds learned about their ancestor when they got a call from the new African American Museum of History and Culture at the Smithsonian, telling them about the bed they had in their collection!

Keith is almost finished building a dining room table with seating for 10, made of red maple, the softest of hardwoods, he said. This Thanksgiving, Keith, Kurtae and their three children have much to be thankful for: they will be dining on the table Keith built, and celebrating their new business. “Amazing Lash is the chance to create a legacy I can pass on to my children,” Keith said.

The Boyd and Chambers families have a special invitation for Jewish Link readers. Make an appointment for your first set of lashes on Sunday, November 26, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. or just come in to see the studio, and enjoy kosher refreshments. It will be an eye-opening experience!

To make a reservation or get more information, call (201) 510-4900.

By Bracha Schwartz



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