Friday, September 30, 2022

When businesspeople come together to collaborate, big things become possible. At a local event in the heart of Spring Valley, just over the Bergen County border, over 80 people gathered together to discuss what they do best: business. Organized by Jacob Busani and Jake Rosenberg of The Power Entrepreneur, this gathering was just one of many in the global LinkedInLocal movement.

Calling on the talents of businesspeople from all industries, this group came together with a singular mission: how to get the most out of our professional LinkedIn experience. As one of the first LinkedInLocal events the area has seen, excitement followed as new connections were made, ideas were shared and future partnerships began to develop. Utilizing LinkedIn to its highest potential is one thing, but the power of face-to-face is just as, if not more, important, making this event truly unique and highly valuable. Attendees will have noted an in-depth look at profile-craft, original content creation and LinkedIn socializing etiquette in an effort to boost the potential of LinkedIn that is so often left ignored.

The event featured a panel of talented and forward-thinking speakers including Brian Wallace (NowSourcing), Matt Sweetwood (Leader of the Pack) and Christine Gritmon (Christine Gritmon, Inc.), and moderated by Ari Zoldan (Quantum Media Group), and the panel drew from their own experiences in business and the finer points of utilizing LinkedIn effectively. For those who were unable to attend, the following details the topics touched on.

  1. Make your LinkedIn profile as clear as possible, but also don’t be afraid to stand out! Though it may feel at first glance as if LinkedIn is simply a series of boxes to check, you may be surprised how much room there is for a little personality and creativity in one’s profile. Though a professional headshot, background image, byline and personal summary will not go unnoticed, being sure to stand out among the crowd will make your profile a memorable one in the eyes of connections, followers and potential business partners.
  2. Find your strengths and play to them. On LinkedIn it’s easy to post your accomplishments and then move on. Why not try sticking around a little longer to craft some truly powerful content? This will make it clear to readers exactly what your professional ideals, skills, and even style are.
  3. Create consistent, yet original, content. Perhaps an expansion on the previous point, developing a steady stream of personally generated content keeps your connections engaged and profile active. Encourage discourse in the comment section of your posts and get the conversation started. Even for LinkedIn users who may not have an enormous Rolodex of connections, creating influence within even a small circle can spark big ideas, motivate colleagues and keep the platform healthy.
  4. Eliminate the echo chamber. It’s one thing to talk shop with close friends and colleagues, but it’s easy to limit ourselves in this way without realizing. Strive for diversity of every kind in the influencers and leaders you follow, the kind of connections you make and the people you interact with. Different industries come with different points of view.

This event was organized with influence from the massively popular LinkedInLocal movement that started just a year ago. With the goal of bringing industry professionals of all walks of life together, face to face and without the online profile, collaboration and understanding take the front seat. Encompassing over 100,000 worldwide and starting as a simple grassroots movement, LinkedInLocal is still growing and changing the way we view our connections, both online and offline. Started by Australian businesswoman Anna McAfee, only 15 people showed up at the kickoff event, but what resulted was the inclusion of over 600 cities and the power of forward-thinking individuals sharing their knowledge, pooling resources and making real connections.

This was the second LinkedInLocal in the Monsey area, and Jacob and Jake of The Power Entrepreneur plan on having several new events in the area in the coming months and hope to expand the reach to Northern New Jersey.

By Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is the founder and president of NowSourcing, an industry-leading infographic design agency based in Louisville, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio, which works with companies that range from startups to Fortune 500s. Brian also runs #LinkedInLocal events nationwide, hosts the Next Action Podcast and was named a Google Small Business Advisor for 2016-2018.

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