Saturday, September 19, 2020

Any woman who wears a sheitel will recognize this scenario: You have a sheitel that needs to be washed and set, but between family and work commitments, there’s simply no time to go to a salon or even run over to someone who washes and sets sheitels in their homes. Frumie Gartner, a sheitel macher with over 10 years’ experience caring for sheitels, recognized a need and launched Wigs on Wheels. The idea is simple. She will come to your home and pick up the wig, take it back to her salon, and return it to you the next day at no additional cost.

“I value my customer’s time,” she told The Jewish Link. “I provide this service so that women don’t have to wait to be seen at their local sheitel macher’s home or local salon. When I pick up your wig I’ll meet with you to discuss what you want and I won’t return the wig until I feel it’s what you asked for. I will never give something back that I’m not happy with.”


Frumie can and does do it all. From wash and sets, to wig repairs, to adding baby hairs, to replacing clips, Frumie will personally care for your wig. She also cuts and styles new wigs and brings new life to old wigs. Frumie attended Libbs Beauty School, worked in Brooklyn at Jacquelyn Wigs and ran Wigs on Wheels for 10 years when she lived in Brooklyn. She is also a licensed cosmetologist. She’s trained in coloring and will review colors with you, but she actually sends the coloring to a great colorist. (Note: Coloring requires more time and is not next-day delivery.)

Spend a few minutes with Frumie and you’ll immediately see how much she cares. “I put my heart and soul into each wig I work on,” she confesses. “I want to help women look and feel great.” She’s also an incredibly honest person. She admitted to once turning down a job because she knew that the woman already didn’t like the wig and Frumie told the woman there was no reason to invest more money in a wig she didn’t like.

Not only does she care for and repair wigs, she also sells Irene, Miri and Shuly wigs. She will bring the wigs to you to look at at no additional charge. “I’m happy to share my years of experience with new kallahs looking to buy their first wigs, guiding them in what to look for and what will work best for them.” Of course, you don’t have to be a kallah to want some advice and Frumie is happy to help any woman find a new do. Regardless of what service you come to Frumie for, when you’re with her, you get her undivided attention.

Frumie is also a trained makeup artist and can be for simchas or special events. For makeup, you can come to her in Edison or she can come to you.

While the business is called Wigs on Wheels, if someone wants to visit her salon in Edison, they certainly can book an appointment. To schedule a consultation or arrange a pick-up, call or text Frumie at 917-697-5272 or email her at [email protected] Follow Frumie on Instagram @wigsonwheelsfg or Facebook at Frumie Gartner.

By Sara Kosowsky Gross