Monday, June 05, 2023

We can all bask in the dream of letting employees work from home to save money, but as our many experiences have taught us, productivity can suffer when you sit in your pajamas and cuddle with your dog. Studies show that although it’s not technically necessary, working in an office as opposed to a home increases efficiency and production. So now that we know that an office space is best advised, how do we go about finding one that fits your company?

1. Pass the Savings On

Finding an affordable office space will not only mean more money for your bottom line, but for your employees as well. This means happier employees, which means higher quality employees. The commercial real estate market is incredibly affordable right now, and you will have real estate agencies lining up to get you the best deals! To save money, try finding off market commercial properties! Don’t have an agent yet? Be sure to read this advice first.

2. Location, Location, Location

Multiple polls and studies have proven that a main determinant in an employee’s happiness and performance is commute time. There is an inverse relationship between commute time and job satisfaction. Translation: the longer it takes to get to work, the less happy employees are!

It may seem impossible to please everyone who works for you but take a closer look at your age demographics. Hire a lot of recent college grads? Find an office space near the local university or entertainment area. Hire mostly family-oriented employees? Make sure to look for a place in the suburbs. If you are still lost, a good idea is to locate your business near a popular highway in town, that way no one is more than 20-30 minutes away from work.

3. What’s New in Town

We’ve all seen it… that particular building or suite in the shopping center that is always empty. No matter who occupies it or however many successful businesses surround it, the unfortunate and cursed new tenant always seems to be out of business in a matter of months.

Instead of paying for a tried and true failure, try and get a look at where city planners and savvy businesses are looking to set up next. There is always a strip mall being erected somewhere, and by being near a developing community you establish a trust and ethos with those new shoppers. Finding a center near a hot, can’t-miss coffee shop is never a bad idea.

4. Sharing Is Caring

Just like with nearly any household, intangible or commercial good, buying in bulk is cheaper. There are assuredly plenty of businesses (ranging from a “mom and pop” shop to the regional headquarters of a multi-million dollar company) that will share office space with you. This is also a great way to network professionally and personally! Go on team building exercises with your new building-mates and share happy hours or keep it professional and encourage inter-office referrals!

5. Build a Community

A company is only as good as the people running it, and developing a sense of community is a vital aspect of forming a successful business. Whether you coach a competitive athletic team, command a military, or manage employees, you know chemistry is priority number one. Working from home may be time-saving and convenient, but it does nothing to build a business community.

Not only will shaping a positive office community contribute to more workplace utility, it will also encourage employees in a way that will help your bottom line too. Whether it encourages sharing sales leads or covering each other’s sick days, building an office community is a benefit across the board. Finding a place where this is possible will prove vital to your enterprise.

6. Fight for Your Right to Party

When you finally find an office that works for you, you now have an excuse for one of the best parts of renting an office: parties! Whether it’s a gala raising money for charity or a holiday bash raising the roof, you now have your very own space to work and play! This also will help in terms of saving money for renting out your local bar or restaurant, and will ensure your co-workers interact outside of office mode.

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