Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Career possibilities are endless for Ariella Levie.

(Courtesy of Touro College) Future pharmacist Ariella Levie always found herself drawn to science and medicine, but she wondered where she fit into the healthcare spectrum. Fascinated by medications and drug development, Levie realized a career in pharmacy was the answer for her.

“As a pharmacist I can work in different areas—from retail or hospital pharmacies to drug development in industry—and that’s what initially piqued my interest,” said Levie, a native of Teaneck, who earned her undergraduate degree at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women. “Now that I’ve completed pharmacy school, I’m in awe of the vast knowledge we acquired: all the medications, how they affect the body and how medications interact with each other.”

An especially important part of her experience has been her rotations. “I’ve learned something new with every single rotation I’ve had.” Levie’s rotations included stints at prominent drug chains such as CVS and Duane Reade as well as positions at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Bronx Care Health System. Her last rotation, in pharmacy research at Touro’s New York Medical College, was a particularly special experience for her. “I got to take a step back and see how medications are made. I was able to see how much work goes into every single drug on which we counsel patients. It opened my eyes,” said Levie.

While she enjoyed all her rotations, she did point to one downside to the variety of experiences and settings. “Every time I go on a rotation, I think I’ll go into that field! I thought it would help me narrow down what I wanted to specialize in, but it just gave me more options.”

Levie, a member of the Rho Chi honor society at Touro College of Pharmacy (TCOP), believes that her greatest asset is the ease with which she can explain how specific medications work, to her future patients. “I’ve always been so interested in medications, from both the scientific end and the patient standpoints,” she said. “My goal as a pharmacist is to properly communicate what the medication is doing for my patients and how it is addressing their particular conditions. I believe that if they understand more about the drug they are taking, they will be more likely to adhere to their drug regimen.”

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