Thursday, January 27, 2022

As the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live, live event spaces quickly pivoted to virtual models. Joe Savetsky, who has decades of live-event experience, adapted readily to the virtual world. After 10 years of working on the production side of galas, expos and other in-person events with Triple S Studios, Savetsky launched VSocial, a company that specializes in virtual live events, to help organizations continue their growth during the pandemic.

Triple S Studios, VSocial’s parent company, began in the 1970s when Savetsky’s father, David, saw an opportunity in the simcha business to photograph Jewish weddings. Later, the Savetsky children—Rachmi, Joe and Zev—joined the team and helped incorporate video into the company’s offerings. Soon, Triple S Studio had all the high-quality equipment needed to produce live events, and the company began to move into event production. However, when COVID hit, Savetsky knew he had to adapt to the changing environment. That’s when VSocial began.

Born in April of this year, VSocial was created to adapt live events typically hosted in person to a virtual setting. Since VSocial’s inception, the demand for virtual events has been strong. Around Pesach time, organizations began to realize the scope of the pandemic—it would be a long time until in-person events took place again. It was during this time that schools—over 13 of them—reached out for help with their open houses. Savetsky jumped at the opportunity, citing non-profits as a rewarding way to help those with an important mission statement.

Though many live events take place over Zoom, VSocial differentiates itself by providing a unique virtual experience that takes place on a specially made website for clients. By using its own web platform to integrate a hybrid of live and recorded segments tailored to a client’s needs, VSocial creates a memorable experience for web attendees.

In the past, it was standard to create an event using last year’s template, acknowledging what worked and what didn’t, and building off of those details. This year, everyone starts with a blank slate, given that the virtual world is a completely different game. Though some might see this as a challenge, Savetsky sees this as an opportunity for non-profits to “engage their audience and entertain their guests.” While Savetsky’s main clientele are from the tri-state area, the virtual reach extends beyond the northeast.

“We’re seeing that every event we’ve done has more attendees from more regions,” including guests from LA, Toronto and Israel. Anyone with an internet connection can attend these events, which means, of course, more potential donors. With virtual events, organizations can easily outperform last year’s event on every analytical level.

Anyone who has attempted to organize an event understands the multiplicity of moving parts—from the lighting to live acts to facilitating donations and more. With virtual events, another layer of complexity is added to all the moving parts as technology factors into the success of the event. With VSocial, however, the process becomes stress-free as the company and its strategic partners take care of all the little odds and ends that make each live event run smoothly.

“From the creative side of things to logistics, we’re here to get our clients through these challenging times,” Savetsky said.

Starting with a concept and budget and moving from there, VSocial helps execute all virtual live event needs. Whether it’s graphic design, video content creation, speech writing, videotaping, website or anything else, VSocial is “there every step of the way to get you to the finish line.”

The success of VSocial can be partially attributed to the team’s attitude. When Savetsky works with a client, he sees himself not only as an AV vendor, but as a partner in the event. “I’m going to think about the event like it’s mine, personally. I’m thinking about the guest perspective all the way through,” he explained.

If you are interested in VSocial’s services, or for more information, contact Joe Savetskty at [email protected] or 201-805-5619.

By Ayelet Ehrenkranz


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