Thursday, August 11, 2022

Drink a l’chaim to the new Mochers Magazine, about to launch its first issue. Mochers celebrates the Jewish men’s lifestyle. Sure, you have your chavrusas, seforim and shiurim. Mochers is here to help you make the best use of your precious free time, with premium content by experts in their fields about the rewards that come after a hard week of work and learning.

Mochers celebrates good wine with Shabbat and Yom Tov meals, and the beverages that you bond with over at the kiddush club. Top specialists in design will show you how to create and furnish places in your home for working and relaxing. Stylists will guide you in choosing the right clothing, from suits to sweats.

The publishing group, Altchies Media Group, said in a statement that Mochers is the magazine men have always wanted to read. “Women have magazines they read that help them feel a connection to the Jewish community, but there’s nothing similar representing the average Yosef in regards to things other than business. It started to dawn on us that shul goers, working men and brothers really build a connection, a solid kesher at their local kiddush club; that’s where we develop an extended family. And that’s the community Mochers wants to create.”

Altchies Media Group has been publishing and producing Jewish and kosher digital content for several years. They fund promising initiatives, and if they can’t find what they’re looking for—they’ll create it. After planning and collaborating with many kosher media channels and professionals in print and digital—and even podcasting about the need for a Jewish men’s lifestyle magazine—Mochers began to take shape.

“Our name represents who we are—bold, brash and in your face,” the Mochers statement continued. “Every Jewish person in the world knows what a macher is. We changed the spelling to be unique.”

While Mochers is about the Jewish men’s lifestyle, it’s not about living above one’s means. The Mochers approach is to highlight “affordable consumption,” a heimish approach that someone who is paying tuition for several children in yeshiva can appreciate.

Writers, photographers and graphic artists are on board to make the publication educational and visually appealing. Noah Morris, the Kosher Wine Guy, will share his choices of fine wines. Yisroel Teitelbaum, a top Simcha photographer, is doing photoshoots for products. Women are bringing their perspective to the publication. Kayla Goldstein, an interior designer, is writing about “man caves” and offices, walking readers through her creative process designing spaces to make working at home productive and enjoyable. Lizzy Brenner, the “Second Date Shadchan,” will let you in on the best getaways with your chevra or mishpacha.

With the first issue coming out in a few weeks, Mochers already has a base of several hundred subscribers. The marketing team at Altchies Media Group said Mochers will appeal to a wide group of readers: “men age 25-65 from the right and the left who are Conservadox, Modern Orthodox or Yeshivish; and live in Flatbush, Lakewood, the Five Towns and Bergen County.”

Mochers Magazine will be available by subscription only. To subscribe, visit www.Mochers.com.

By Jewish Link Staff


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