Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Kave in Passaic is bringing back the vintage arcade experience. The newly opened activity space features video games, board games, air hockey and shuffleboard, and is available to rent for private parties, dates or to simply hang out and have fun.

Judah Gross owns The Kave and specifically wanted to create a place that both kids and adults could enjoy. “You’re never too old to have fun,” he said and added that unlike most arcades, the atmosphere is totally “kosher.”

Gross, who manages Gross & Company, a fourth-generation family-run insurance business also located in Passaic, has always had a passion for arcade games. Growing up, he was lucky enough to have a Qbert machine in his house, which, needless to say, gained him instant popularity with his friends. Decades later he remains a kid at heart and enjoys The Kave just as much as his own kids do.

Designed with neon signs and Atari-era games, The Kave has a retro vibe that nostalgic arcade goers will certainly appreciate. Gross said that today most arcade games contain violence or inappropriate images, so he was very deliberate in choosing games such as Pacman, Asteroids, BurgerTime and Donkey Kong that are suitable for any age. He also added table games like chess, checkers and backgammon, along with comfortable seating that he said is especially nice for couples looking for a fun dating activity.

Besides the classic video games, The Kave has two sit-down race car games, one motorcycle race, and a machine with more than 50 different games. Guests can expect to be entertained nonstop, but if you prefer to just chill, there’s space for that as well. Overall, it’s a safe and fun hangout, said Gross, where you could have a good time with friends and family.

As for the fee, there is a flat rate to rent the space, which, according to Gross, is much more advantageous than most arcades that charge per game. Once you pay the rental fee all games are free to play, so you know what you are spending before you even arrive. Privacy is a real draw as well, he said, especially during the pandemic when people would rather not deal with what others are—or are not—comfortable with.

The Kave is located directly across the street from Teddy’s kosher pizza shop (Jerusalem Pizza) and offers ample parking for visitors. The rental fee is $100 per hour or $150 for two hours and there is a discount code available for those renting the space for a date. To learn more or to reserve The Kave, please visit www.Kosherkave.com.

By Andrea Nissel 

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